How to Plan a Christmas Marketing Campaign


Christmas is almost here again, and it’s that time of the year when retailers make the most profit. This period, however, comes with stiff competition that requires retailers to be creatively dexterous. They must make the most of sales campaigns to attract customers and convince them to buy their products.

Although it is not December, you must not sit without making plans. People usually start to make plans for what to buy for Christmas, even before the twelfth month of the year. This time is the right to start planning your Christmas sales campaigns as people are reading to spend with the right opportunity available.

A Christmas marketing campaign that is gaining more and more followers is the social media Advent calendar, which consists of a marketing campaign during 24 consecutive days promotions are made in one or several social networks of the company.

What to know before making Christmas sales campaigns

Here are five considerations to decide on before launching a Christmas sales campaign:

Communicate before you begin

The campaign period is not the right time to engage with your target customers. Begin to build an audience before you launch your sales campaign. You must consistently interact through the website, social media, email, and content marketing.

Employ small brand influencers

Employ the service of tested and trusted micro-brand influencers. Using these brand influencers can give a massive return on investment. Ensure that their followers are engaging with their content.

Identify your brand strength

Try to identify the part of the brand that is weak. Knowing fully well that the campaign will not be successful without that specific area; look for ways to improve these weak areas before the campaign is fully launched.

Determine campaign impact measurements

During your campaign planning process, determine how you intend to measure campaign success and impacts. Use any of the key performance indicators (KPIs) to decide if your advertising campaign is achieving its objectives or not.

Launch your marketing campaign

The success of your marketing campaigns starts way before the launch day. For utmost success, remember to stay with your objectives, do not rush during the planning, and always interact with your target audience.

How to plan a Christmas marketing campaign

Now that you have figured out what you need to do for a successful campaign, here are five steps on how to plan a Christmas marketing campaign.

Set up your campaign goal

This step is as important as the whole marketing campaign. Think back to the sales tally for the previous Christmas sales campaign. Once you know that, write down your objective for this year. You must put competition and economic index into consideration.

Understand customers purchasing behavior

The next step to take is to understand how different customers make purchases. Identify the easiest way for your customers to reach you. If your customers prefer to buy online, you must ensure it is readily available. If most of your customers prefer the physical market, then most of your marketing campaign must focus on this.

Conclude on the Christmas offers

One way to have a successful Christmas campaign is to introduce enticing offers. People will naturally respond more to offers such as discounts, free shipping, loyalty bonuses, product packages, gifts certificate, and so on. These offers do not take too much time before customers start to feel attracted.

Boost your campaign with paid promotions

Attracting customers with paid promotions is a key step to a successful Christmas marketing campaign. People need to be aware of what you are offering and how to get them. Paid promotions through Brand influencers, Google ads, and Facebook ads are the best.

Get reports and analysis

After you are done with the Christmas sales, and it’s a new year, it is time to go through campaign reports and analysis. This step will help you know if the campaign was successful, if there was sales maximization, and if you were able to fulfill the objectives.


A successful Christmas marketing campaign does not need too much. You only need to put a few details about your business in place. You don’t have to worry about the timing of the campaign. What matters is that you have all you need to plan a rocking marketing campaign for Christmas.


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