How to Prevent Shipping Cart Abandonment


Numerous retailers are still dealing with a faulty sales funnel, and excessive shopping cart abandonment percentages are a significant culprit. This post will highlight the most frequent causes why customers abandon the orders and suggest critical tactics you can use to boost your exchange rates.

What Is the Definition of Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment occurs when consumers abandon their cart amid their cash register and opt out of the transaction rather than completing their buy. If a product is added to a shopping cart yet does not proceed to the order to post, it is labeled “abandoned.” It’s among the most essential e-commerce KPIs that merchants monitor closely.

How to Determine the Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

So here is the technique you will need to use to compute the shopping cart abandonment rate:

The formula is as follows:

Cart Abandonment Rate = The total number of completed transactions / The total number of transactions initiated.

This would provide you with your shopping cart abandonment rate over a specified period. For example, one may take all purchases from the previous quarter and divide them by the quantity of began interactions, which are products individuals added to their bags but did not buy.

Methods for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment?

There are several approaches you may take for preventing shopping cart abandonment. Here are some incredibly efficient ways for minimizing shopping cart abandonment.

1) Provide Free Shipping

Among the most efficient ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to provide free shipping. If customers arrive after the checkout page just to discover that an extra shipping price has already been imposed on their purchases, most of the population will be inclined to leave the carts.

2) Allow For Guest Clearance

While ordering online, the great majority of people, particularly first-timers, would not like to have trouble with setting up an account. Allow for a guest checkout to promote profits. It demonstrates that you appreciate your time with customers. It can significantly minimize cart abandonment rates.

3) Provide A Variety Of Payment Options

In terms of statistics, 10% of online customers exit their shopping carts since the online marketplace doesn’t accept their payment gateway. Some individuals use digital payments, while others favor bank transactions. Many more of them opt to purchase with credit cards as well. Because digital payment handling is a delicate method, customers are satisfied with established payment services and would not move to new possibilities.

4) Make Use Of Exit-Intent Popups

Whenever you notice that your online customers intend to abandon your website, use exit-intent popups as an enticement. Whenever users linger over another browser or want to shut the current one, one may trigger the exit-intent popup and offer customers an impossible-to-refuse proposal.

5) Optimize Your Checkout Procedure

What is the length of time it takes a customer to purchase in your store? Several companies do not consider it in this light. The preferred technique is to analyze and evaluate your competitors’ checkout processes. Be free to utilize a range of instruments, questionnaires, or polls to gather the information.

6) Make Use Of Trust Indicators

While requesting a prospective customer to complete a transaction form, utilize approaches that develop credibility in customers. For example, incorporating trust signals into your website can significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment. Individuals will be cautious about entering their payment information and other private details. It comes as no surprise. You must comprehend their apprehension and provide them with a cause to believe in you.

Bottom Line

Shopping cart abandonment is a crucial problem that should not be overlooked at any price. It can either create or destroy your internet presence. With the festive season rapidly approaching, you should guarantee that your cart abandonment rate is as minimal as possible.

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