How To Properly Clean Beach Towels in Hotels


Bulk beach towels are present in the hotels. These beach towels are provided to the hotels by hotel supply stores. Beach towels are used in hotels every day. Guests use these towels whenever they stay in the hotels and some of them are also used by the hotel staff. And it is obvious for the beach towels to get dirty after every use. So, they are washed after every use to provide clean beach towels for the next use.

Correct Ways of Washing Beach Towels

Washing is not rocket science but still, there is a certain way of washing beach towels. Certain things have to be followed so that the beach towels do not get degraded in quality while washing them. Some of the things that should be followed while washing beach towels are as follows:

Some At a Time

Only a few towels should be put in the washing machine while washing them. This is because if there are a lot of towels in one batch then they will get tangled up with each other and they will get stretched. As a result, the towels will lose their quality and they will become bad after some washes.

So, it should be kept in mind that only some towels should be in the washer at the time of washing.

Normal Temperature Water

Towels should be washed at a normal temperature of the water. Normal temperature water is ideal for beach towels. If very hot temperature water or very cold temperature water is used in the washing of beach towels then the fibers of beach towels will get damaged and they will not look good after the wash.

Soft Detergent

Soft detergents should be used in washing beach towels. Detergents that do not have any chemicals in them should be used to wash beach towels. Because if chemicals are used on beach towels, then they will get damaged and after some washes, they will have a rough appearance and they will not be able to provide the same comfort that they use to.

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Short Cycle

When dowels are being washed, the wash cycle should be set for a short time. This is because short cycles won’t damage the towels. If long cycles are used in washing the beach towels, then due to many contacts with water and detergent, the towels can get a little damp and the detergent might not come out of them even after washing.

Air Dry

Towels should always be air dried because in the washing machine they can form a cluster and they will be very difficult to separate. This is why they should be hung in the sun and as beach towels are not that thick, they will get dried very easily and there will be no problem. This way towels will get dry without any degradation in their quality.


These are the ways how hotels can clean their beach towels. These ways should be followed by the hotels because they are very effective and the beach towels can be good for a long time in this way. These ways are also not very difficult and they can be followed by every hotel without any difficulties. So good health of towels can be maintained in this way.


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