How to Provide Paycheck Proof when you’re an Independent Contractor


Being self-employed means dealing with all of your paperwork, which may be a hassle. Unlike the typical employee, a pay stub is not typically sent to freelancers, who receive a statement of earnings and tax deductions.

Does this rule out the existence of an independent contractor pay stub? What if you need to prove your earnings to get a new car, house, or credit card? Continue reading to learn more about getting an independent contractor pay stub.

What is the definition of an independent contractor?

Before we get to the subject’s heart, it is crucial to define independent contractors. It may appear to be straightforward, but it isn’t.

It is common for organizations to use independent contractors who are not full-time employees. While the corporation regards them as valuable employees, their relationship is limited to a contract to perform a task, which is usually temporary.

As a result, these businesses typically do not provide some of the perks that they provide to their employees. Contractors are also programmed to work and move on. For all sides, it’s a win-win situation.

What is the Purpose of a Contractor Pay Stub?

Pay stubs are easy to make and take a few minutes to create, but some people may not understand why they are necessary.

Even if you keep meticulous records of your earnings, you might consider making your pay stub. It will improve your current records and help you with other vital concerns.

Proof of Income is Required

Do you intend to apply for a mortgage or refinance soon? Do you and your family require a new vehicle? Are you thinking of starting your own business and need a bank loan?

If you’re applying for a loan, you’ll need to present proof of income to your bank. Instead of delivering bank statements, you may show the employer how much money you’re making using a pay stub, which looks more professional and more accessible for them to understand.

Get a W-9 form filled out.

You must have your independent contractor fill out a W-9 form once work begins. The contractor’s name, social security number, and other details are requested on a W-9 form, a federal tax form. The corporation and the contractor agreed that the contractor is not an employee and is not liable for taxation purposes.


It is standard practice for independent contractors to provide invoices to their clients to ensure timely payment. The best way to prove your income is to provide documentation of your work, such as an employment verification letter and your invoices. It assists verifiers in ensuring that they comprehend the work that is the basis for the payment.

For the same reason, invoices show no evidence of payments that have been completed. Therefore, independent contractors should constantly aim to offer pay stubs or bank statements to substantiate invoices in the future.

Paycheck deduction

Anything that is deducted from your paycheck is considered a deduction. Deductions in paychecks are uncommon among self-employed people, so you’ll have to figure them out. Social Security, state, and local taxes are among the most frequent deductions.

To determine how much, you’ll need to deduct from your compensation, consult the IRS Employer’s Tax Guide. Depending on where you live, you may not need to reduce anything for local taxes.

What is gross pay?

Gross pay refers to the total amount of money earned within a specific pay period for those working full-time employment because their income is consistent. The type of business you run will determine your gross salary as a self-employed person including imputed income.

Each stub will show varied gross pay for self-employed workers who are paid differently for each project. You could, for instance, make $5,000 one month and $3,500 the next. Make a paycheck stub for each paycheck to keep track of everything.

Net pay:

After all deductions, your net pay is the total amount of money. If you earned $5,000 in a pay period and had 14% removed from it, your net pay would be $4,300. If your paychecks are deducted automatically, the total amount should equal your net pay.

Generate a paycheck stub:

You can always utilize a paycheck generator if you don’t think you can produce one with spreadsheet software. You can use a generator to choose a paycheck stub template and begin filling in your details.

Because you don’t have to bother about formatting, this takes a lot less time than using a spreadsheet tool. The one drawback is that you won’t have many possibilities for personalization, but all of the themes will appear professional.

Paycheck stub template:

You may use a paycheck generator if you don’t think you’ll be able to create one with spreadsheet software. You can use a generator to find a paystub template and fill in the blanks.

Because you don’t have to worry about formatting, this takes much less time than producing one with a spreadsheet tool. The only drawback is that there aren’t many personalization choices, but the designs all seem professional.


All you have to do now is begin calculating your pay and deductions so that you can correctly fill out your paycheck stub. For your records, you can print and duplicate them.

You can begin by filling out paycheck stubs that can be used as legal proof of income if you have all the necessary information. When consumers apply for loans, they frequently use paycheck stubs.


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