How To Rebrand Your Business Using Free Tools


Rebranding may be a good marketing strategy if your business has fallen flat. This way, you can revitalize your business or bring new trends into your business to stay ahead of the competition. Even big companies conduct rebranding, and they even spend thousands of dollars for it.

However, if your business is still small, you don’t need to spend a significant amount of money on your rebranding. You can use free tools to rebrand your business in the following ways:

Develop Strategies Based On Analytics

Before starting to rebrand your business, you need to know what trends are keeping your consumers from patronizing your business. Here, you’ll need up-to-date data, if not real-time data. You can do this using analytics tools that offer freemium.

For instance, if you’re in the t-shirt industry, you need to determine what kind of t-shirts your customers really want. Through the free analytics tool, you can use the data to discover what your consumers prefer, such as if they want small or large logo prints and colored or black and white t-shirts. You can also utilize websites that offer a free t-shirt design to create a sample of your logo together with the design of the merch. This way, you can find out how you can better rebrand your products or business.

In addition, using the free analytics tools, you can make data-driven decisions for your rebranding strategies. For instance, you can determine if your business needs partial or total rebranding. You can also re-establish your target market using the data you gathered through the free analytics tools. By identifying your business’s new customers, you can then redefine your business’s values and objectives, which will allow you to rebrand your business successfully.

Redesign Your Logo Using Online Design Tools

Part of your rebranding is to redesign or revamp your logo that will be suitable both for your products and online store, especially if you plan to consider a merch shop to increase your business’s visibility and build a relationship with your clients and customers.

Sometimes people do common logo design mistakes. But now creating your new logo is made easy by using the free brand logo tools online. Some of them can help with complicated designs, while others only offer simple features. Either way, these tools can help you with your rebranding. However, you may choose the ones that will be suitable for your rebranding needs.

In addition, these tools offer existing logo templates that you can use. However, try to be careful when using the logo templates, as most design options may be generic. Thus, you should first create logo guidelines, such as the following, to ensure you succeed in revamping your logo:

  • Brand Identity: Your logo should reflect your business or fit your brand. Thus, you need to determine your business or brand’s personality first before starting to redesign your logo.
  • Clear Space: This is the space that surrounds your logo, which you can also refer to as the padding. By padding your logo, you can emphasize your logo better.
  • Color Variations: Essentially, your logo should work well in black and white. Also, you should determine when to use the black and white and the colored version of your logo.
  • Logo Elements: While identifying the essential elements that will complete your logo, it’s also necessary to determine how and when you will use each of them.

Using the guidelines above, you can create a logo through the free logo design tools online that’s visually appealing and resonates with your brand. This way, you can successfully rebrand your business.

Implement Rebranding Strategies With Project Management Tools

Manually managing your rebranding project may not be the best way to make it efficient. Instead, you can automate it using implementation and project management tools that you can try for free.

These tools can allow you to monitor all activities and data concerning the execution of your rebranding. These free project management tools can provide you with the basic features, such as the following:

  • Content management capabilities
  • Dashboard for viewing overall project
  • Workspaces for each team
  • Metrics
  • Reporting and benchmarking
  • Budgets
  • Timelines

By using such tools, you can improve the output of your design team and other employees. You can quickly identify their tasks and track the status of their work. As a result, your rebranding project will be done on time, as you can easily monitor the progress of your project and efficiently manage the relevant matters to complete the rebranding of your business efficiently.


It may take a while to rebrand your business, but remember that it could boost your brand visibility and overall sales. However, you need to do them right, and you can achieve such by using the different free online tools that could help you rebrand your business. Not only will they help you save time from manually doing your rebranding, but these tools will also save you some money while still achieving your goal.


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