How to Secure Several Subdomains


Choosing an isn’t always straightforward, especially if you have more than one domain or subdomain. How can you be sure if you made the right choice with so many options out there? In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the best option when you have one primary domain and several subdomains.

In this instance, you should get a wildcard SSL certificate. Here’s why.

You can secure as many subdomains as you want

If you’re someone who has one or more subdomains and plan on creating more in the future, a Wildcard SSL has several benefits. For one, it automatically secures unlimited subdomains as soon as you install it on your server. Not only will it encrypt the connection to the site and subdomains you already have, but any you create in the future. And you won’t have to do a single thing. No adding the site’s name to your certificate and requesting a new one to reinstall. No, all new subdomains will be protected automatically. Nice!

Just make sure they are single-level subdomains connected to your primary domain. Say you have the website; this would be *

It’s more convenient than alternative options

You might be wondering why you can’t secure each subdomain with an individual certificate. Maybe you’re already doing that if you’ve been gradually creating subdomains over time and didn’t see the use of getting a seemingly more pricey WIldcard when you already had single-domain SSLs that hadn’t expired yet. This is perfectly fair reasoning, but we recommend taking the plunge with a Wildcard SSL when you can.

This is because a WIldcard SSL becomes more affordable the more subdomains you have. Plus, the convenience cannot be understated. It’s hard to keep track of the expiry dates of many separate SSL certificates. You’re apt to forget some, rendering some of your subdomains insecure if you don’t notice when the SSLs expire. Not good. With a Wildcard, you only have to keep track of one expiration date for all your subdomains. This makes it less likely that you’ll forget to renew and risk any of your subdomains losing encryption without you realizing it.


Although choosing the right SSL can be tricky, there are certain times when it’s easy. For anyone who has a single domain and any number of subdomains linked to it, a Wildcard SSL certificate is always the right choice.


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