How to Sell Gold


Having a good amount of gold to sell is one thing, but it is entirely different from knowing how or where to sell it. Fortunately, the metal is highly liquid, so it is easy to sell. However, if you are going to get a good bargain for it, it is best to arm yourself with the correct information.

Sellers and buyers are out to find the best deal from precious stones and metals and want to buy them at a discount. The price of these commodities is not constant; you may realize that the prices change overnight. However, price fluctuations do not vary so much, especially for gold.

Factors to Remember When Selling Gold

Several factors affect how you sell the metal. Before venturing to sell, ensure you appraise it. Click here: to find an appraiser. Be ready to play hardball with buyers, so no one cheats you.


This aspect of the sale is one that many do not excel at, so they tend to leave the haggling to the buyer. You must be willing to negotiate the price offered by the buyer, especially if you are up to date with the current price of the precious metal.

That means you must arm yourself with everything you need to sell the metal. Do not settle for just one seller; have several options. Compare prices and negotiate for the highest you can get. Be professional in your negotiation and request a fair price.

The type of item you want to sell may also affect how much you get; if it is jewelry, it may not have as much gold content as a gold bar. You may want to check out Medzilla for more on the sale of any precious metal.

Brand Reputation

There are scams in the gold investment industry, as with many other things. Some people are out for quick money and spare nothing to look legitimate to the unsuspecting prey. Therefore, carry out research on different companies that buy the metal before settling for one. Check their history and liquidity.

You may also want to check what authorizing bureaus have to say and what scores they have. Additionally, keep away from companies that constantly contact you about the business, put pressure on you, or offer unbelievable prices. If it seems too good to be true, it may be because it is. That way, you are sure to avoid scams and select a reliable brand.

Gold Item

The item you want to sell will determine where and how you sell. For example, if your gold is all jewelry, choosing a jeweler to value and buy it is ideal. Some buyers check the market value for the item as a whole and not just the content of gold; others just check the content before offering a price.

If you have bullion bars or coins, they are typically easier to sell than other types. Buyers generally believe that bars and coins have better value because of the gold content. That is, they have purer gold than others. So, you are likely to get a price close to the spot price, which gives you a good profit. However, you can back out of a deal if the offer is lower than the value or you do not trust the buyer.

Time of Sale

A weak economy usually equates to higher gold prices. In other words, when the stock market and other classes of assets are having a hard time, there is a rush for precious metals, so the prices skyrocket. Selling the precious metal at just any time is not advisable; you may not get the correct value for the asset.

You may want to hold on to it and sell in bits instead of as a whole. Ensure you wait for when the prices rise, and there is a demand for gold in all its forms. Then, you can negotiate with different buyers to find the best deal.

Selling Online

If your buyer is an online vendor, it is ideal to be extra careful before shipping the goods to them. You want to be sure of the brand, weight, price of the gold per gram, and other factors.

Also, check buyers closer to home for offers before settling for selling online. They will help you weigh and correctly calculate the commodity, value it, and give you a close estimate of what you should receive as payment.

Ensure you settle the fine details before shipping the gold items and say no if an offer is not to your taste. The downside of selling online is that you must trust the buyer and wait for feedback if you ship before payment.

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So, you will not be physically present for the valuation and pricing; you will go with whatever the vendor says. That is why you must come to an agreeable conclusion before delivery.

Pawn Shops

It is not ideal to sell your gold in pawn shops because their offers are usually lower than what you will get from other buyers. However, if you must sell to them, ensure you arm yourself with the spot price, that is, the cost of an ounce or gram of pure gold.

A pawn shop will not give you the current price, so you will have to find it elsewhere. Read this article to learn more about selling at a pawn shop. It will help you to avoid unfair offers and rip-offs.

Furthermore, check a few pawn shops; do not settle for one. You may get varying prices to help you make a decision based on them. Also, do not hurry to sell, and be prepared to refuse an offer if it is not to your taste. It will help if you have receipts and items that came with the item if possible; pawnshops tend to offer more and have an easier time selling the gold with these items.


Selling gold is usually easier than many other precious metals because it is in high demand. Jewelers use it for their craft, and investors value its liquidity. However, it is wise to learn ways to sell it to get the best value. Wait for the right time and choose the correct vendor.

Learn as much as you can about the brand you sell to and always refuse an unfair offer. If possible, do not sell online and at pawn shops; you may not get the best deals from them. Lastly, keep abreast of the price of gold, especially if you are looking to sell soon.


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