How To Start Gaining Links For Your New Business


For a new business getting eyeballs towards its work is the most important. Blogging is a sure shot method of gaining attention but getting inbound links is a totally different ball game. Businesses who blog have a higher chance of being able to garner inbound links for their website. In turn, the customers who click for their link end up completing purchase thus increasing the sale. Here we share with you some methods you can use to gain links for your business.

Creating free valuable content

People are always in the need for insightful content that is going to increase their knowledge level. When you provide them free content in the form of eBooks, blogs, infographics, presentations and videos they are bound to visit you. Not only do you get hits but the customer shares the content on his social media thus getting you all the attention that you desperately require. SEOOutreachers creates these unique content offerings that are going to be the booster that your brand recognition needs.

Monitor your competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing that is different and is gaining the traction. Your ability to analyse their strategies can show you what path you need to take. They must have used some plans to get the links they are getting now. Apart from that their content would also be attention-grabbing and by having a look at that, you can know where you are lacking.

Broken link building

Links are broken and usually they are useless to quite an extent. However, you can use the same to your advantage. Contact the owners of such links and request if they would like to give their content link in order to bring theirs a reliable one. Most people do not pay attention to this aspect and if someone is ready to do that for them they happily oblige. Apart from that if you are having broken links of your own you should get them to link with valuable content as that only would guarantee success for you.

Roundup posts

If you can get influencers to give their opinion for you that is an asset for your website. People like to read what these celebrities are saying and if you can post their views on your website or elsewhere the content would be appreciated leading to gained visibility. Not only you get an advantage of recognition when this content is linked to the influencers involved the people consider it worthy and credible too.

Recreate content

You may have already posted content on a particular topic but the market has changed ever since. Use this as an opportunity to modify the content and share it once more. If required you can make it more attractive visually. Plus as an attraction use insights that are fairly new so that the readers can notice the effort, you have put to write that down. You may also change the same blog into an EBook or a slideshow presentation in order to make it more noticeable for your readers.


Though these are just a few of the excellent strategies available you can use them to your full advantage. Apart from these, SEOOutreachers can show you what steps can be taken in order to get more links and thus attention for your business. They are a dedicated SEO firm that has been catering to the needs of new businesses and they would gladly assist you in the same. By focussing your attention on link building you can gain a high position in Google search rankings. Since Google can no longer be influenced by false rankings it is better you pay due attention to this aspect of digital marketing.


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