How To Streamline Your Business Processes With Digital Fax


Technology has been giving us various inventions to make automation possible anywhere. Businesses thrive in daily operations, and the office is as much part of the areas that handle these operations. Automations are also available to make work more manageable, and one of them, digital faxing, has been helping people streamline the process at various points. Here are the following processes.  

  • Going Paperless

The Human Resource department, responsible for hiring and onboarding new people, uses so much paper when keeping track of applicants. Papers will be printed to produce hard copies of files that can take up valuable office space and create clutter. One could lose a file at any moment, and the process is disrupted by disorganization.  

While you can choose whether to print out files, online fax can also help you in that department. You can electronically organize file documents, such as resumes, from your email. You’ll also be able to tell the date you received an application form and file them accordingly. File sharing becomes faster and paperless if you need others to view the documents.  

  • System Integration

In whatever industry, offices deal with so much information. Insurance companies to client information. Manufacturing companies and hundreds of orders globally. Software developers with clients all over the world. What they have in common is the need for storage to keep all this information safe and secure. Processing data and sending it to others may take so much time because of system disconnection. 

Most system isn’t built with storage if you need to fax documents. Managing customer relationships and other useful management systems are not connected. With the arrival of digital faxing, integration among these technologies became possible. Faxing and storage now form a secure connection that allows simultaneous usage during automation. 

The integration between the servers and storage allows sending records, making it safer for all industries because there’s no need to print them out. The integration prevents information breaches and eliminates waste and excess costs.  

  • Improves Productivity

Faxing is considered a trivial aspect of workflows at health facilities. Even when using electronic health records (EHRs) to create and update the records of patients and create order requests and files, employees must leave the system to print them and send them through fax machines. And because they also need to comply with HIPAA, employees must either file away the printed copies or shred them finely to keep information secure.  

With digital faxing, sending and receiving files becomes as straightforward as email. They can use dedicated fax numbers without transmitting or printing them on paper. Online faxing encourages automation through the generation of cover sheets, distribution to groups, filing, and more, making the process easier and faster than manual means.  

Digital faxing reduces the administrative burdens of employees, allowing them to become more productive in daily operations. In the health industry, small changes can lead to a sizeable impact on productivity. They are simultaneously improving populations’ health, customer satisfaction, and mind the well-being of the employees. The small-scale study between the intervention group and the control group yielded a result of 48% more appointment slots for patients in the former than in the latter. 

  • Mobile Faxing Becomes Possible

Key personnel receiving faxes might have to leave the worksite and travel for business purposes. With paper documents, staff must wait until the personnel comes back to sign them physically. The workflow is again disrupted. The process prolongs and becomes stagnant for as long as the document remains unsigned and unmoving.  

Online fax services enable mobile devices to receive and send faxes. Smartphones today have built-in scanners that allow employees to scan paper documents and turn them into digital copies. They can fax the digital document from their phones to the mobile device of personnel. 

Some online fax services also have downloadable apps that they can use with Android and iOS device operating systems. They can use the built-in digital signature feature to sign the document electronically and send it back to staff members halfway around the world.  

  • Saves Resources

The absence of paper and ink and a working faxing machine can only halt processes until you have them again. Electronic faxes don’t require you to have ink and paper on hand. You also don’t need a physical faxing machine in your workstation that can take up space. There’s no need to purchase supplies and no machine to repair. There’s also no need to pay for a dedicated phone line for faxing documents. You only need a stable internet to send online faxes.  

In Conclusion

Online faxing is an efficient way to simplify the process for employees, improving workflows and making them more productive. It’s also a way to strengthen security because the information is protected online, and there’s no need to print out documents that can result in information breaches. An online faxing system also makes it possible to send and sign documents no matter where you are in the world. Any industry should find that investing in electronic faxing can help automate processes.

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