How to Transfer Utilities When Moving


Housing is a must-have expense in the U.S. household budget. Some pay rent, some pay a mortgage, and some have already paid it all off. But no one has done away with the monthly utility bill. Moving is not only moving your possessions from one house to another but also moving all of your utilities. This can be a daunting task, as you will need to contact many services to disconnect or transfer all of the services you use in your home.

In this article, we’ll look at how to transfer utilities when you move to make sure you don’t have any problems with your lights, water, gas, or internet when you live in your new place. Look into the moving company “” who can help with this task quickly and easily.

How to transfer utilities when moving:

  • Make a list of your utilities. Before you do anything, you should make a list of all the utilities you use in your home. This list might include gas, water, electricity, Internet, telephone, TV, and so on. This will help you know exactly which services you need to transfer.
  • Contact your service providers ahead of time. Contact your service providers ahead of time to find out how to transfer or disconnect their services. You will usually need to give your personal information and address to confirm your identity and eligibility. Make sure you know what documents you will need to provide.
  • Don’t forget about the payment. Make sure you’ve paid all the public utility debts in your old home and that you’ve paid the first month of using services in your new home.
  • Find out about extra features. Find out about additional features and services that may be available in your new home. For example, you may need to install new equipment or connect to a new Internet service.
  • Check everything after the move. Make sure all of your utilities are working properly after the move. If you have problems, contact your service providers to get them fixed as soon as possible.


The price of heating varies in states with all four seasons. In the southern states, for example, it is not provided at all. Some homes have central heating without meters. It is included in the rent. Some homes have gas boilers. Heating in such homes will cost $80-110 per month.

Savings on Moving

One prerequisite for saving on utility bills is an official document confirming your departure. The reason – any (vacation, stay in the hospital or prison, moving for a long time, business trip). The period of recalculation does not include the days of departure and arrival. The law does not stipulate how long one can be absent to receive a recalculation.

Is It Possible to Make a Recalculation of Debts on Utility Bills

It happens that the seller and the buyer agree that the buyer will pay all the debts of the previous owner. But the truth is that a debt transfer can only be made with the approval of the creditors. The previous owner may not pay the bills if there is the consent of the resource-supplying institutions. When the management of the house is engaged with a homeowners’ association or management company, you need to get written approval from the head.

You need to specify the date of purchase of the real estate and clarify that there are no debts since the acquisition of the property. The application must be accompanied by evidence of ownership of the property. If the organization continues to refuse to re-register, then it remains to appeal against an unlawful decision. Sometimes it is enough to warn of the intention to appeal. In some cases, it is necessary to send a statement to the prosecutor.

When buying a home, it is necessary to reissue a financial number. This operation is necessary so that you do not have to pay debts to the previous owner. Management companies will not change anything on their own. Therefore, it is necessary to collect documents and apply.

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