How to Use SMS Marketing to Reach and Engage Your Customers


Text messaging has become a vital communication tool for customers and businesses alike. As of 2019, more than 4 billion people are using their phones to text, and over 80% of all digital messages sent worldwide are in the form of text messages. SMS marketing is an effective way to reach and engage your customers quickly and easily. Let’s explore how you can use the best SMS marketing platforms for ecommerce to reach your target audience.

Reaching Your Audience with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing involves sending promotional messages to your customers via text message. This type of marketing can be used for various purposes, such as increasing sales, driving traffic to your website or store, engaging with customers, building loyalty, and more. To ensure that your messages will be delivered successfully, it’s essential to make sure that you are following best practices when it comes to sending text messages. Here are some tips on how to use SMS marketing effectively:

Get Permission Before Sending Messages

The most important thing you need to do before sending any text message is to get the customer’s permission first. You must obtain permission from the customer before you can start texting them promotional content or offers. This can be done by having them opt-in with their phone number or by signing up on a website or app where they consent to use their number for promotional purposes. It’s important to note that if you don’t have permission from the customer beforehand, your message may not even be delivered!

Personalize Your Messages

The key to successful SMS marketing campaigns is personalization. Sending generic mass texts will not yield good results, as customers want to feel like they are receiving something special from your business. To personalize your messages, ensure that you include the recipient’s name in each one so that it feels more personalized and relevant for that individual customer. Additionally, segmenting your list based on past purchase behavior is another great way to ensure that each person receives a unique message tailored just for them! Using Plivo’s Short Codes for SMS Messaging, Send and receive very high volumes of SMS and MMS messages to your customers, as quickly as possible.

Have Clear Call-To-Actions

Every message should have a clear call-to-action (CTA), so recipients know what action to take after receiving it. Whether visiting a website link or downloading an app, make sure each CTA is clearly stated so there’s no confusion about what needs doing next! Additionally, try not to have too many CTAs in one message; instead, focus on just one CTA per message, for it is more effective in driving conversions.

Utilize Automation

Automation tools allow businesses to send automated text messages at specific times throughout the day or week without having someone manually send each one out individually! This helps save time while ensuring everyone receives their message when necessary and helps increase efficiency significantly! Automated tools also allow businesses to track responses, enabling them to gain insight into what kind of messaging works best with their target audience and adjust accordingly going forward!

Businesses can use SMS marketing to support their automation efforts. With reliable e-commerce marketing automation software, you can create and accomplish text campaigns personalized according to customers’ interests, preferred touchpoints, and behaviors.

By setting up rule-based automation, businesses can send SMS marketing messages in response to price drop alerts, purchase confirmations, event reminders, and other related things. In addition, automation tools can help businesses deliver personalized SMS messages to the right audience at the right time to boost traffic and conversion rates.

When To Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the most common ways to use text message marketing include sending promotional offers and discounts, launching new products or services, reminding customers about events and appointments, or simply keeping in touch regularly. SMS marketing can also be part of a more extensive marketing campaign that includes other channels such as email, social media, and more.

For instance, if a store is announcing a big anniversary sale, you can build urgency by sending a timely text message. The marketing team can highlight the promotion’s mechanics and limited time. They can then send a follow-up email to provide more details, such as the most popular items with the biggest discounts. It can even be done a few hours before the anniversary sale ends to remind those who haven’t made a purchase yet.

But what’s the acceptable number of text messages you can send customers? Businesses can retain more subscribers and maximize revenue by sending one or two weekly text messages. Keep customers engaged by sending six to eight text messages a month. Any more than that will make them opt out due to annoyance.


SMS marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience quickly and efficiently while engaging with them through personalized content tailored just for them. By following best practices such as getting permission beforehand, personalizing each message, having clear call-to-actions within each one, and utilizing automation tools, businesses can significantly maximize their results from SMS marketing campaigns! So if you’re looking for an efficient way to increase sales and engagement with current customers – look no further than SMS marketing today.

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