5 HR Strategies For 2022 And How To Get Them Right

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The last couple of years have seen an upset in the normal way of life. The way businesses operate hasn’t been spared from the incessant inconvenience of lockdowns and remote operations. Life has had to go on despite the incredibly disruptive years, and work has to continue. The year 2022 will usher in a new business landscape, including disruptions in the supply chain, huge technological changes, and staff shortages and turnover, among other things.

To help prepare your business for success in 2022, you need to have, among other things, some sound HR strategies. To help you, here are some five strategies to consider:

  1. Diversify Your Staff

Because many organizations have had to rely on remote working environments, diversity, equity, and inclusion HR strategies have never been more important. HR solutions have to be developed to promote justice and equality for all staff members.

The best way to create a diversified staff compliment could be to review your talent management processes, such as hiring, succession, and performance evaluation and management. This could help you to identify and avoid potential shortcomings. For more insights, you can visit https://matchr.com/.

  1. Prepare Remote Workplaces

The dreaded global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to adopt a remote work environment. Although life is starting to get back to some sort of normalcy, remote offices will likely stay in 2022. You have to try and keep the workforce together even though they’re working from different locations. You have to create a conducive environment with the right working tools to ensure that the team continues to work as a unit

  1. Retain Your Staff

If there’s one thing you should consider doing in 2022, it’s to find ways of ensuring that you retain your staff. The rate at which workers are leaving their usual jobs has been quite high since the beginning of the pandemic. The challenges most employees faced during the peak of the pandemic could’ve contributed to their new way of looking at employment. The social unrest and the low salaries paid to some workers have made them rethink whether it’s worth it.

As an HR manager, you have to think about ways of retaining your staff in 2022. Some employees are looking for more than just pay rise, but they’re also looking for a sense of fulfillment post-COVID. Going back to the same post may no longer be desirable for some, while others have realized the need to spend more time with family and friends. Hence, you may have to reconsider aspects such as reduced working hours and flextime.

You may also need to consider giving competitive salaries on top of their attractive benefits and perks to retain your best staff members. You could also consider the following as other ways of retaining your staff in 2022:

  • Competitive pay structures
  • Cash incentives
  • Work flexibility
  • Additional paid leave
  • Attractive health and other benefits
  • Career opportunities
  • Staff developmental programs
  • Re-designed job descriptions
  1. Strengthen Your Brand

Gone are the days when employees were motivated to work for a particular employer by remuneration. Benefits or compensation are no longer enough to retain the best employees. Although salaries and wages are important aspects of an employer-employee relationship, there are other compelling things to consider.

One way to avoid staff turnover is to concentrate on building your brand. The HR department has to partner with other departments, like the marketing department, to create a brand that’s attractive internally and externally. When your brand is strong and attractive, your employees will want to associate with it.

  1. Be Agile

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught most businesses, it’s the importance of talent. The past two or so years have seen many companies fold due to loss of talents and skills. The companies that took stock of their workforce quickly found replacements where there was a loss of talent.

Because the future is unpredictable, it’s important to identify and mitigate potential risks involved in your staff compliment. This means investing in your employees’ health and upskilling your workforce. You prepare your business for any future shock when you upskill or reskill your staff. After all, a company is as good as its staff.


The past couple of years have brought some important lessons in HR, and, perhaps, the most crucial one is that every business should be agile and resilient enough to withstand future shocks and uncertainties. One way of preparing for any risk in 2022 is by implementing efficient employee retaining tools, staying engaged with employees, and understanding what they value the most.


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