6 Important Things You Need To Know When Shipping Your Freight


Shipping freight is an important task for anybody involved in the business of selling goods. Freight provides your customer with a way to transport their purchased items from your store or warehouse to the target destination. Whether you are shipping by truck, train, or airplane, not having reliable partners is sure to cost you time and money. Here are six things you need to know when shipping your freight.

Know Your Partners

Knowing what carriers service your area can help save you time and money. This will also allow you to find a carrier that best fits your company’s needs such as reliability, price, and responsiveness. To find carriers servicing your area who can deliver clearance for customs, do your research because clearing your freight is equally as important as delivery. Doing your research is also a great idea, for a couple of reasons. First, you should always have more than one carrier service in your area. Having only one carrier service all the freight that comes through your doors is not a good idea because if they were to go out of business or have their license suspended by the DOT it could be difficult to find another partner. Second, checking prices from multiple carriers will help you find the best deal on car shipping services. Try using a towing cost estimator as well before sourcing any companies!

Know Your Destination

Having a clear idea of where you are shipping your freight is valuable information for any freight company because it helps them plan cargo pick-up, route, and delivery. When thinking about where you are shipping your goods ask yourself the following questions: Is my destination business or residence? If I am sending my goods to a business do I have their permission to drop off the shipment at their door? Do I need to prepare anything before sending items such as getting a customs broker for clearance and paying duty taxes? These things can all affect the final

Get Your Loads There On Time

Determining your truckload shipping time can be pretty simple, but it’s also one of the most important things to know when you have to ship freight. If you’re not getting your goods there on time chances are that other carriers may have been able to offer a faster service. In this case, you risk losing potential customers and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find yourself dealing with carrier rate increases.

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Getting your freight there on time is crucial for running a successful business. Using an interactive map above will help give an idea of how long it should take for a carrier to get from point A to point B depending on their service.

Know Your Shipping Routes

Knowing the fastest and most efficient routes to ship your freight will definitely give you a competitive edge when looking for a carrier. Getting from point A to point B in an efficient way can save you time and money, so it’s important to ask yourself what type of truck is best suited for the job. In addition to determining how far your destination is from where you are, be sure to take into consideration whether or not there are major cities between both points. This will help determine if using a flatbed or reefer unit makes more sense for your shipment. You should also look at which direction the goods need to go in terms of priority because this can have a large impact on transit times as well.

Get Competitive Quotes From Potential Carriers

Whether it’s by phone, e-mail, or fax, quotes are the best way to know the price you should expect to pay for shipping your freight. It’s important that you get a quote from at least 3 carriers so that you can compare rates and services. Depending on the volume of shipments your ship, using freight brokers may help simplify things and provide better rates than if you were to do this yourself. Freight brokers let carriers compete for your business, saving time and money.

 Use Technology To  Your Advantage

Using technology to track your shipments can be a lifesaver when you need to know the location of your goods at all times. Not only is this extremely helpful for locating lost or delayed freight, but it can also help identify if there are any issues with the way your shipment is being handled which may lead to price increases. If you aren’t tracking where your shipments are at all times then chances are that you could be paying more than what’s necessary. You should always keep an eye out on tariffs and surcharges as well because they will have an effect on pricing too. When finding cheap carriers many different factors come into play such as whether or not the carrier is reputable, how flexible they are with pricing along their surcharges. These are all very important factors you need to know about when finding cheap carriers for your freight.

The tips above should have helped guide you towards a better understanding of the freight shipping industry. Some of these factors can help save you time and money so it’s important to consider everything before making a decision on who to use as a carrier.


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