What Can I Find Out Online to Impress a Potential Employer?


To secure a keenly contested job or any job at all, you have to impress the potential employer. There is a 99 percent chance that you are not the only one who wants the job. To get it, you have to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the role.

You do not need to look too far to find tips you can use to impress a potential employer. A simple online search can provide quality and effective tips at the snap of your fingers. The internet is the reservoir of world knowledge. There is no information you need that you cannot find on the internet. Why not take advantage of this encyclopedia of knowledge and win yourself a job.

Tips on how to impress a potential employer

1) Always go for the position that is the perfect fit for your qualification

This is a no-brainer. If your qualifications do not match with what the employer states in its job advert, applying for the job is almost guaranteed to be a waste of time.

Employers take less than a minute to form an impression of prospective job candidates. If your resume does not have the indicated qualification for the job, the employer will skip over your application and focus on other worthy ones.

Except you can make a strong case why you are a good fit for the job despite the lack of the required qualifications and experience, applying for a position which you do not meet the requirements for is an effort in futility.

2) Customize your cover letter to the role you are applying for

The cover letter is the first opportunity you get to impress your employer. Assume the employer is a busy, grumpy, and impatient person who doesn’t take a second glance at anything before rejecting it.  Write a targeted cover letter to impress your potential employer and save your cover letter from getting tossed into the trash bin.

The cover letter should highlight your qualifications and why you are the right fit for the position.

Take time out to check for errors in spelling and grammar, and use a neat formatting style that applies to the eyes. You will not impress your prospective employer with bad spelling and grammar. An unprofessional cover letter passes the message that you are not thorough and takes things with levity.

3) Show originality in your cover letter and resume

If you are opportune to read the application letters and resume of hundreds of job seekers, you will notice they mostly use the same key phrases. Some even copy sample examples curled from the internet and submit. It is not a problem until you notice others are always writing the same thing.

Your resume has to show originality to impress employers. Not every catchy phrase you see in online examples are suitable for every application.

4) Highlight your strengths

To impress a potential employer, you have to offer something exciting and different from what others are offering. When writing your application for the job or taking a job interview, always lead with your strengths.

Highlight the qualifications and experiences that make you a natural fit for the job in such a way that the potential employer can find it at a glance.

5) Research the company and the employer’s records

It is easier to impress someone you are knowledgeable about than someone you do not know. The best way to impress a potential employer is to do your research on the company (essential requirement) and the employer if the employer’s data are available and accessible to you.

If the company has a website, visit the website to find valuable information about the company. The ‘About Us’ or ‘Mission’ page has all the essential information you need such as the founding date, the culture of the company, and the business of the company. The more information you know about the company and/or the employer, the easier it is to leave an impression.

6) Treat all company staff and fellow job seekers with respect

Believe it or not, the lowly ranked staff opinions matter. It is common for Human Resource Directors to ask staff what they think of a prospective candidate. If you treat them with scorn and disrespect, you can bet you will not get a good recommendation.

From the receptionist to the janitor and even fellow job seekers like you, treat with respect. Especially in a small organization, the relationship and bond between company staff are strong. A receptionist’s complaint of you can matter in the final employment decision.

Be polite to everyone especially the potential employer. It is not just your resume that the potential employer is looking at, your attitude matters.

7) Have a strong social media presence

Employers are not just looking at your job application letter and attached documents, they want to have a feel of who you are and if you can fit into the company’s culture. Employers check candidate’s social media accounts as part of their assessment.

LinkedIn is a brilliant social media platform for employers and job seekers. It can serve as an online resume connecting you with potential employers. You can use LinkedIn to highlight all your achievements, previous job, qualifications, and online certifications.

Employers value candidates whose social media pages are professionally done. Let the potential employer smile when they open your social media accounts.

8) Optimize your online presence

When someone types in your name on Google, what information does it bring out? Think this is not important, many potential employers are using Google to know more about their potential employees.

Learn SEO to know how you can rank vital information about yourself on a higher scale. Having your website with your name on it is a great way to influence what they see about you.

Impressing a potential employer is essential to getting that job. Customizing your cover letter for the position you are applying for, researching the company and employer, building a strong online presence, and optimizing search engine results (when someone types in your name) are smart ways to impress the employer.

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