Impress Your Customers With These Dental Practice POS Upgrades


In recent years, customers have grown accustomed to retailers being able to accept many payment methods. These expectations are spreading across a full spectrum of goods and services, including dental care. Professionals in this field specialize in oral health, not user interfaces or information security. By linking a merchant account with the right dental POS system for your practice, you can integrate relationship management and outreach features with specialized apps while trusting that patient information will stay safe. Here are a few ways that upgrades built into the latest POS systems are likely to impress your customers.

Accept Preferred Payment Methods

When a patient prepares to go to the dentist for a regular checkup, cleaning or scheduled procedure, he or she shouldn’t have to worry about payment methods. Rather than checking for accepted credit cards, customers can rest easy knowing that a dental practice accepts all major forms of payment. Late-model POS systems such as the Clover station 2018 ship ready to accept any of the following payment methods:

  • Payment cards with magnastripes
  • Payment cards with chips
  • Near-field communication payment methods

Whether you decide to set up the full-size Clover Station on a countertop or desktop or use a smaller tablet-based or portable model, an upgraded POS can make it much more convenient for dental customers or patients to pay. Processing costs tend to vary based on software subscription tiers. The Clover Register Lite plan has a lower monthly service cost with higher processing rates, whereas the full Register plan has a higher subscription cost with slightly lower transaction rates. A merchant services specialist can recommend the right system software plan based on your priorities and desired features.

Use Intuitive Interfaces

The latest generation of POS systems have unique features that can be set up to allow customers to interact directly with the system in a dental office or online. From automated appointment scheduling to the ability to send out forms or other information in advance or immediately after a visit, there are many ways to make a POS system easier to use on the front and back ends. Even if you prefer to restrict access to a receptionist, office staff will also be impressed by the ease of use and robust functionality of late-model systems.

Secure Patient Information

Security is always a concern when moving to a new system. If your practice currently relies on multiple systems for patient information and payment processing, this information is likely to be more vulnerable than if it is kept in a single, secure system. Recent POS systems adhere to the highest payment security standards and are helpful for streamlining customer and payment information.

Switching to a new payment processing platform or POS system can be a big shift for a dental office. Merchant services specialists can be helpful for selecting the right system to meet your needs and impress your clientele. Once you set up a merchant account, most of these systems come ready to customize with software and apps that add features that are sure to impress regular and new customers.


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