How to Improve the Safety of Your Fleet of Commercial Vehicles


If you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, then you know that the biggest threat to your company’s health and profitability, not to mention the wellbeing of your workers, is safety. Unsafe driving conditions, whether they are due to weather, other drivers, or your own fleet’s staff, can cause devastating consequences. They can threaten the physical health of your driver (or their life) as well as put your vehicle out of action. They can also harm other road users and result in lengthy insurance claims and legal battles. It’s therefore so important that you do everything you can to reduce your commercial vehicles’ safety – from a business perspective, it is reducing business risk.

What is a Fleet Dashcam?

Fleet dashcams are the industry’s premier safety solution. They are a great, highly cost-effective way for a company to mitigate risk, coach their drivers and deal with insurance disputes. When a company uses fleet dashboard cameras throughout their fleet, they will find improved safety as well as reduced incidences of fraud and vehicle damage. The money you save from having a fleet dashcam can grow your company instead.

These little cameras are typically installed inside the cabin of the vehicle. They have many options and can face both the road and the driver. The cameras that monitor the road will record accident formation and make sure that all information given at the scene of an accident is accurate. The benefits of having a driver-facing camera are that the driver is constantly monitored by artificial intelligence, which looks out for high-risk driving behaviors. This allows your fleet managers to do their job properly, whether that’s during driver performance assessments or coaching sessions.

There are different models of fleet dashcams, and they all offer slightly different services. For example, the Surfsight camera has AI-powered video telematics that can capture both the road and cabin simultaneously to detect distracted drivers and dangerous driving events. They also give managers access to live videos, as well as video events and recordings quickly so that driving incidents can be promptly investigated and dealt with.

Dashcams for Improved Fleet Management

Managing a team is very difficult, especially when your team is spread out in vehicles operating throughout the State or even the country. Having a cloud management dashboard of your fleet dashcam makes it far easier to manage your remote team. With a dashcam, your fleet will never feel far away, as you are able to:

  • Instantly view live video and get notifications about near misses, collisions, dangerous driving, distracted driving, and driver or passenger assaults.
  • Keep an eye on the cargo at a moments notice
  • Watch the road and your driver simultaneously in clear high definition
  • Get instant access to full HD footage that can be stored in the cloud for later review
  • Get access to an SD card directly from the dashboard when the driver has returned
  • Share video footage with a simple URL link

Detect Dangerous Driving

Using cutting edge AI technology, dashcams can use audio feedback to help correct drivers when they are driving dangerously. This means that accidents can be prevented and alongside those injuries or even fatalities. Artificial intelligence can trigger recordings of dangerous or distracted behavior for management to review if that is what is needed. By helping to prevent accidents before they occur, dashcams can be a literal lifesaver and avoid extremely costly events for your company.

Protect Your Business

By recording dangerous situations when they happen, dashcams provide you with the evidence you need to win your insurance settlement or legal battle.


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