How to Improve your B2B Customer Loyalty Program?


If the nature of your business is B2B or business to business then it is very important to have a loyalty program. (Click here to learn more about B2B) . Unlike the normal business where your customers can be anyone, B2B has very specific customers and they can be quite limited. Since your customers are limited, you have to make sure that they keep coming back to you and not transfer to your competitors to make sure that you stay on top.

A loyalty program is something that you do to make them do business with you constantly. Regardless of the minuscule difference in prices and other competitive behavior, a B2B loyalty program will keep your customers coming to you. This is usually done by building a relationship, giving outstanding service, and, of course, giving loyalty rebates.

However, knowing that your competitors do this also, how do you make sure that your customers will still choose you? Here are some ways to improve your B2B customer loyalty program:

Brand Values

One of the ways for you to retain your customers is through your values. Part of the reason why a certain customer will buy from you is because of your values. Whether they may be Christian values, support for the LGBT, family values, human rights, global warming, zero waste, pro-life, pro-choice, animal rights, or even gun control, this will affect how people will see you as a company and will dictate their actions in continuing purchasing items from you or acquiring your services.

According to a study that Google released, B2B customer retention is very much affected by the values that the seller is sharing. It is part of their purchase and if they don’t like the values that a company share, then it will negatively affect their view of that company and will most likely stay away from that company. On the other hand, taking a stance will attract the right customers to your company. Those with the same values and beliefs as your company will take notice of your values which will affect how they choose who they will buy from.

Customer Experience

The best way to keep your customers in coming back to you is through an outstanding experience. In B2B a lot of the products are identical and the differences in prices are too little to matter. What can make you stand out is how you treat your buyers. Making a personal connection or a relationship with your customers will give them the illusion that you really care about them. Shake their hand and show up to assist your best customers so that they will stay.

Make sure that your receiving office is cozy and has a good ambiance. Provide drinks and light snacks to make them comfortable. Make sure that you attend to the concern of each customer and make them feel that they are special. This way they will never want to look for a different seller.

You can also provide an outstanding experience by making sure that there are no delays: from taking their orders, updating them about their order, delivery, billing, then invoicing. One of the worse times for the customer is when there are delays and their business gets affected because of your delays. If you make sure that such things do not happen, then they will feel secure with you. Here is a link to learn more about the cost of delay:


Another way that you can retain your buyers is through convenience. Making sure that doing business with you is convenient for them. This will definitely keep them coming back. You can do this by getting out of your way to reach out to them when they can’t reach you. You can also have the latest technological updates so that you can receive orders and process online.

If they need you to come out and meet them, then do so. You can even give them a ride to the airport if they need one. These little things that can provide them with convenience will build a relationship where they feel good with you. This will then create a kind of conditioning that will result in them choosing you over your competitors all the time.

In the B2B industry, retention is the key to success. Aside from finding new customers, it is always to build a long-lasting relationship with your buyers. As they grow, so will you. Nurture your clients and they will nurture you.


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