Improving Your Cubicle and Making the Most Out of a Small Space


As the pandemic slowly comes to an end in New York City, some people are returning to the office. While you were stuck working at home for 18 months or so, now we all have to go to another small space—the cubicle. The thought of going back to your cubicle might sound depressing and suffocating, but never fear. There are plenty of ways to make your space more conducive to a good mentality and more productivity. Below are some tips to improve your cubicle space.

Make it Your Own

However small your space is, you should make it your own. You should take care of your space. It’s important to express yourself. You can try putting up pictures of your friends and family. You can also bring in your portable fan or a heater. Do you have a small coffee maker you can bring in? Think about what you can fit in your cubicles and make choices to make your situation more productive and conducive to your workflow and productivity. If you crave privacy, put up a little door or desk dividers to create an atmosphere. Whatever your management allows should be taken advantage of to make yourself more comfortable.

Stay Organized

Since you want to make your desk and cubicle space your own, you should keep everything organized. Anything you don’t need should be taken home. Your supplies, files, technology, and other resources should be accessible and compiled in intelligent ways. Keep your desk area clean and sparse, but utilize all of your storage. Whatever you can do to keep your cubicle organized will help you enjoy working more.  One thing you can do to avoid unnecessary papers and supplies is to utilize more technology.

Utilize Technology

While it depends on what you do for work, utilizing technology is quite helpful. You can use wireless speakers with Bluetooth to keep hands free when you want to listen to music or a podcast. You can use multiple monitors. You can avoid notepads by using an interactive whiteboard. Tablets are always helpful, especially when you’re using a stylus. Whatever you’re working on, it’s imperative to utilize the tools that you need to get the job done. Using platforms like Slack can help you communicate with the team without having to talk to each other face-to-face. This can improve privacy and the workplace culture.

Curate Your Lighting

It’s important to do your best to curate the lighting of your cubicle space. Avoid red and blue light. Get a lamp that emits soft light but bright enough to keep you alert and awake to do your work. While you may not be able to control the house lights, you can control how much and what kind of light is going into your eyes. A lamp is good to control your eye and do whatever you can to keep out other lights.

Add Plants or Other Accessories

Adding a plant or two to your guest does wonders for your mood. Being stuck inside in the city all of the time, you need interaction with natural things. It’s incredibly important. If you’re not into plants, accessorize your desk with something else that makes you happy upon sight or smell. A fireless candle is a great idea. Anything that keeps you content should be included. You will be surprised about how much these things help you get more work done and feel better about it working.

When you work in New York City and your company wants you to come back to the office, you probably don’t have a huge office. Working with a small space, you should do whatever you need to do to customize your cubicle and create an atmosphere that is both productive and comforting. The little things matter. Curating your space to make it clear, clean, and conducive to efficiency will make your workflow better and steadier.

Things have changed. Everyone knows more now than we did 18 months ago–studies have shown that when employees are more content they are more productive as well. Fighting for your right to be comfortable is more valid than ever. Whatever it is you need to make your work more comfortable and productive should be utilized and taken advantage of.


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