How to Increase the Productivity of your Office Workers?


One of the most necessary skills for every company employer is the ability to boost employees’ productivity. But, in order to do it, you have to be smart. Some methods that employers are using are proven to be unsuccessful. For sure, one of them is  fear. Stressed workers are not efficient workers. Here you can learn what the best methods to increase employees productivity are.

Implement an individual plan

In order to improve employees’ performance, it’s worth meeting with them and creating individual development plans. It will allow them to understand better what their goals are and how big progress they made. Implementing a system like that will also allow you to track what are their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you will be able to target productivity “enemies” and think of ways to eliminate them.

Use feedback to improve their performance

Every team leader should understand the importance of feedback. Constructive criticism is an essential part of boosting efficiency. Majority of people are not able to notice their mistakes. That’s why you should do it. But, keep in mind that feedback is not only pointing out mistakes. Make sure to always talk about the things that were done correctly. Also, don’t forget to add tips if you have another idea on how to solve specific issues. It might be worth having one on one meeting, in order to come to conclusions that will allow workers for better productivity. Meetings like that have a positive impact on employee appreciation level as well – they will know that their work is essential, and everybody likes to feel needed.

Surprise your team

Everyday routine can demotivate everybody, and there are no exceptions. So, what if you surprise your employees, and offer something unusual to do? Invite them on lunch, suggest group workout or paintball matches. You might feel like it’s an unnecessary waste of time and money, but reality shows that it has an incredibly good impact on workers productivity. Events like that decrease adverse stress effects, allow employees to relax and gain new strength. As a result, they will feel fresh, and their efficiency during the following days will be much better.

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