Six Interesting Wellness Campaign Ideas for Employee Productivity


In recent times, employee health has become an important topic of conversation with regards to employee productivity and engagement.

Leaders and employers of leading organizations are now taking a keen interest in implementing a corporate wellness program that is best suited to employees’ needs and demands. According to research by the Society for Human Resource Management, 76% of respondents said their company had some sort of wellness program or service in place for their employees.

To make these wellness programs exciting for employees, managers and HRs can choose from various wellness campaigns. Wellness campaigns are different activities and challenges that employees participate in to adapt to certain healthy behaviors. Depending on the end goals, these campaigns can run for several weeks.

Here are six interesting wellness campaign ideas that employers can have custom-planned and designed for their employees:

1) Walking Campaigns

Walking challenges are the easiest and most effective worksite wellness campaigns. They are quite simple and can be planned and organized without much hustle.

Ask your employees to cover a certain distance or steps for a specified number of days. Walking campaigns or challenges are incredibly convenient as employees can participate both inside and outside the office premises. Moreover, remote employees can join in too. The best way to go about it would be to choose a technologically advanced wellness solution compatible with a wide array of step trackers or activity trackers.

Walking campaigns keep employees active and help them burn some calories as well. Employees can use their breaks to walk a few steps and defeat that particularly powerful afternoon slump.

2) Sleep Challenge

Did you know that the lack of quality sleep can affect your workers’ productivity, engagement, and creativity? There is mounting evidence on the web that proves the importance of a sound sleep cycle for optimal work performances.

According to a study done on more than 4000 workers in the US, those who slept less had low productivity, performance, and safety outcomes. Moreover, there is a loss of $1,967 per worker in terms of productivity.

However, contemporary lifestyles and work cultures can harm the duration and quality of sleep for working professionals. The stress from consistent workloads and deadlines are considerable obstacles in the way of good sleep.

Employers can ensure that employees get the necessary sleep by organizing sleep challenges. Ask employees to log in their sleep hours every day for a month. Employees can also rate the quality of sleep and the probable reasons for the same.

3) Nutrition Challenge

Proper nutrition is an essential part of holistic wellness. The absence or lack of healthy eating behaviors will make it difficult for employees to deliver their best performances. Skipping meals, binging on caffeine, processed sugars, etc., can make them jittery and restless during work hours, thus hampering their work quality.

Organizing a nutrition challenge in the workplace is a fun and effective way to ensure your employees’ healthy eating behaviors. Such a challenge or campaign can focus on any aspect of diet and nutrition, like, the intake of greens in a week, having a wholesome breakfast before work, logging in meals, having one healthy snack every day, etc.

Employers can also contribute to this challenge by inviting a nutritionist for an informative session or providing healthy food options in the office cafeteria. Reward your employees with redeemable points, badges, or gift vouchers, to give them that extra motivational nudge in that direction.

4) Mindfulness and Meditation Challenges

Apart from physical well-being, employers should also pay heed to the employees’ mental well-being in any organization. Work fatigue, stress, and burnout are becoming increasingly common among today’s workforce.

In times like these, integrating a mindfulness and meditation campaign in a workplace wellness program will have rewarding benefits for employees and employers alike.

Having access to onsite or virtual meditation rooms will help employees relax and detach from all-consuming work pressure. Much like sleep challenges, employees can log in their duration of meditation.

Additionally, integrating the wellness program with a mental wellness application of choice can be convenient.

5) Distance-based Campaigns

Distance-based campaigns can involve several activities, such as running, walking, cycling, etc. Employees can choose from these physical activities and cover the distance every day during the set period.

For instance, employers will decide on a distance, say, 5 miles. Every day, employees will cover 5 miles either by walking, running, or cycling for three weeks. The stats can be tracked and recorded with the help of activity trackers.

6) Stretching Challenges

Sitting in a cubicle or on a work desk for hours on end can do no good to employee health and productivity. Sitting at a stretch will only result in sore and stiff muscles. Moreover, discomforting cramps make it harder for employees to focus on their work.

Employers can introduce them to stretching challenges and campaigns that allow employees to learn and try different stretching exercises throughout the day. Reverse back stretch, neck stretch, standing arm string stretch are a few examples of stretching exercises that might help employees during work hours.

The Many Benefits of Wellness Campaigns in the Workplace

According to a Harvard Business Review report, for every dollar invested by employers in health and wellness initiatives, there was a savings of $6 in healthcare costs.

Apart from the cut in healthcare costs, several benefits are associated with wellness campaigns. Here are a few of them:

  • A workforce with sound holistic health and wellness
  • Productive, engaged, and motivated employees
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Assured return on investment
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Higher employee retention
  • Boosts employee morale and camaraderie

Final Words

Employee wellness campaigns are becoming a trend in workplace culture, and rightfully so. After all, for any company to realize its full potential and growth, sound employee health is crucial.

While there is a sea of campaigns for employers to choose from, the campaigns must yield the desired results in employee productivity and engagement.

The six wellness campaigns mentioned will surely be a start in the right direction.

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