Investing in Engagement: Why Use an Employee Training App


Employee training starts at the moment you hire someone and continues throughout their tenure at your company. During that time, it’s essential to keep an employee informed and updated – but more than that, it’s critical to keep them engaged.

Employers used to skate by with dry white-board presentations, text-heavy employee handbooks, and trust-fall exercises, but these methods of information dissemination and teambuilding can prove to disengage nowadays. An increasingly millennial and Gen Y workforce prefers their training to be exciting, interactive and fun.

That’s why shrewd company owners are investing in engagement by using employee training apps. Employee training apps (sometimes aptly called “employee engagement apps”) facilitate communication and drive productivity by giving employees what they want: an accessible, interactive and enjoyable way to relate to their work.

If you are currently on the fence about using an employee training app, consider the following – here are four reasons to use an employee training app.

Accessible, Effective Onboarding

Effective onboarding is the bedrock of a company’s overall productivity efforts. Starting with clear, engaging instruction sets new hires up to become all-star employees.

The issue several companies face nowadays is the shift toward remote, dispersed workforces. In the absence of physical meetings and face-to-face instruction, it can be challenging to engage a new hire. Employee training apps, like the excellent staffing apps developed by TheAppLabb, leverage augmented reality, artificial intelligence and chatbots to shepherd new employees through the onboarding process in a mentally stimulating way.

Opportunities for Gamification

Gamification involves using game thinking and mechanics in non-game-related contexts. According to experts, gamification can help employees hone problem-solving skills, work collaboratively and understand incentives. Moreover, gamification is engaging.

When you link gamification to your business goals and objectives through an app, you offer every employee – from juniors to seniors – an exciting, novel way to strive for results. It is the 21st Century answer to those stuffy teambuilding exercises of old.

Interactivity Breeds Productivity

As mentioned, the current shift toward a deskless workforce may threaten to disengage some employees. Many employees got their first taste of remote work over the last couple of pandemic years, and the whiplash of moving out-of-office can leave something of an “interactivity vacuum.”

Employees need interaction to stay motivated. And they need the motivation to remain productive. A quality employee training app that leverages emerging technologies like AR and chatbots can feel like a much-needed lifeline for employees craving professional interactivity.

Apps Make Employee Updating Easy

Companies are constantly in flux, forced to adapt to changes in the marketplace and shifting consumer behaviors. As an employer, you need a straightforward way to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

Employee training apps offer a fantastic, uncomplicated way to update employees on new procedures, business objectives and information. The best ones feature robust messaging and communication functions, paired with a shared knowledge hub where employers and employees can upload relevant content, documents and videos to update one another in real-time.

If you manage a dispersed workforce or simply want a creative way to engage new hires and established employees, consider using an employee training app.


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