Is a Lån På Dagen Trustworthy in the New Year?


When most of us hear the phrase “get a loan on the same day that you apply,” I think our minds tend to drift toward payday loans.  Whether or not this is the best option for you to take during a  financially difficult time, it is always best to check and weigh your options and ability to pay. Today, I’d like to help clear up the misconception that a same day loan is similar to payday ones in the first place.

In reality, they are quite different.  The main thing to know about the ones that you can get on the same day is that it’s always just the potential of that happening, never a true guarantee.  It’s still going to be based on the usual suspects like your credit score and other borrowing history.  Comparing this to payday loans, sometimes that just won’t be the case.

So, when you’re searching for one for yourself, you may not know how to distinguish them.  I’ll be covering that as well, so do be sure to stick around if that is something you would find useful.  Before you continue you may want to check out this article – I think it offers some useful background information if you were not aware of why some folks are leery of “payday” loans.

Beyond that, though, there really is a lot of ground to cover.  Finance is a world that I considered an enigma for years, but now that I’ve got more of a handle on it, I’m glad that I can share my knowledge.  Most of the other folks who cover it offer a lot of jargon without making it easy to understand, after all.

Payday vs. Same Day…What is the Difference?

To start out, let us tackle this question once and for all.  Are they the same thing?  I mean, I kind of already spoiled this in the intro, but…no, they are definitely not the same thing.  They’re quite different, really, and I think it’s important to understand that when you’re in a pinch.  You see, both can look like an appealing option at first glance.

However, payday loans are significantly over the edge differnt.  Let me explain why.  For one thing, they typically have incredibly high interest rates.  So, the cost of the loan will be a lot higher than any other ones that you try to take out.  Unfortunately, because they seem so convenient, it means that a lot of folks fall for this trap.

After all, when you see all the flashy ads on social media, they do really seem like a sweet deal.  A lot of these apps have started cropping up claiming that they can help you get your paycheck several days early.  Hard to deny how nice that sounds, right?

Unfortunately, this is actually a rather an enticing way to advertise.  Be sure to do your own research to know more about hidden fees and what is written in fine print. So, when you’re borrowing what your paycheck would be (or even just a part of it), you wont end up stuck with a much bigger bill afterwards.

That’s why most folks are really cautious of them these days, and for good reason.  What might seem like a quick way to get the money you need could either help you or break you

Another option for you to to consider is the lån på dagen, which functions differently from what I’ve described above.  Rather than making false promises or something like that, a loan “on the same day” instead just offers you the opportunity to get the funds that you need in a pinch without any hidden super-high interest fees.

You see, the financial institutions that offer them are transparent about what the terms and conditions are going in – they aren’t trying to sell you on some sort of false promise or anything of the like.  Rather, they’re traditional financial institutions that offer applicants with high credit scores to get their approval and potentially even the disbursed funds on the day that they apply.

Interest Rates: The Crux of the Issue

I mentioned this a lot in the previous section and trust me when I say that it was for good reason.  At the end of the day, when it comes to loans, interest is sort of what makes the world go ‘round.  What do I mean by that?

Well, a lot of it comes down to the way that financial institutions such as banks and credit unions make their profit.  Obviously, if they were to only charge their borrowers the principal amount that they lend, they wouldn’t end up making any money in return.  Hence the creation of interest – this is what allows them to generate a profit from lending.

In essence, it’s a small percentage of your initial amount that you borrow that gets charged at a rate that you and your lender agree upon at the start of your contract.  Whether it’s simple or compound, which you can read about here,, it means that you’ll be paying your lender more than that principal figure as you go through the repayment process. Now, with something like a payday loan, they could charge you upwards of seventeen percent interest – which is completely absurd when you check out the rates of other lenders.  Sure, they’re giving you fast cash in a pinch, but that’s just way too much to charge.  Trust me, it’s not that hard to find lenders that are much more reasonable than that.

Are Same Day Loans Trustworthy?

Shifting focus back to the same day loans, though, this is the question that I found myself left with while doing research into this.  Can we really trust the claims made by financial institutions that offer them, or are they the same as the disingenuous lot offering the payday ones?  From what I can tell, they are a trustworthy way to borrow – especially in comparison to the alternatives.

With that figured out, though, I guess the next consideration is whether or not this style of borrowing is worth it in the long run.  I can definitely understand why some folks are wary, all things considered.  Especially following what happened to many of our financial situations back in the height of the pandemic…most people are still trying to recover from that.

So, loans can seem like a huge risk right now, and that makes sense.  Honestly, to some extent they are a pretty big risk.  However, if you plan properly, you can get the funds that you need and not have to feel guilty about doing it.  Allow me to explain.

As I alluded to above, one of the biggest aspects of borrowing (aside from interest rates) is how the borrower prepares themselves for the credit agreement.  For the most part, this involves things like creating a budget and examining your current spending.  There are a few “litmus tests” of sorts that you can use to determine whether or not you are ready for such a large commitment.

After all, personal loans (also called private loans) can be used for all sorts of things because of the inherent freedom that comes with taking them out.  It is up to you to put it to good use rather than go into debt for frivolous reasons. This is a spectrum, though – so, don’t automatically feel like you are doing it for a bad reason if you are using the money to help with something like planning a vacation or a wedding.

If you can afford to do so (as in, if you can afford the subsequent monthly payments that you will be responsible for), then I can’t really see a reason not to move forward with the plan.  In the right contexts, loans can be a great tool.  They can even help you build up your credit score in some circumstances, especially when the borrower considers the terms carefully.

So, if you are not sure, it never hurts to discuss the potential terms of the credit agreement with the lender that you’ve applied to.  If you’re in a pinch, it’s almost always going to be a good idea to steer clear of something like a payday loan, even if it seems like your only option.  Try out same day loans, which may have a lower chance of being approved, but are safer in the long term.

While navigating this sort of stuff can certainly be a challenge, I do hope that this article has been of some use to you on that front.  Figuring out what lender to work with is even worse, really, so if you are ever feeling stuck, remember that you can check out the internet to get an idea of the pros and cons of each.  While reviews may not always be one hundred percent accurate, reading them certainly does not hurt, and can even help you get an idea of who you’re working with.


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