Is There a Demand for Painters in the Future?


The craft of painting has been an adored expression for years, with its roots dating back to ancient civilizations. But we are now in the 21st century and technology continues to advance. It is important to note that automation has become increasingly predominant in different industries. 

This automation has left people wondering about the destiny of traditional professions like painting. With the rise of digital art and use of automated machines, it’s realistic to question whether there will still be a need for painters in the future.

So, below, we will discover if painters will be in demand in the future and how you can stay relevant if you are one. We will also consider basic steps to becoming a painter.

Are Painters Needed in the Future?

Yes, painters will always be in demand in the future. This is because art is an essential part of human culture and has been for thousands of years. 

As long as society continues to value and think highly of art, there will always be a need for painters to develop it. Many people still enjoy and admire the distinctive qualities that come with paintings developed by hand. This includes things like its consistency, depth, and subtle variations in color.

Painters will always be needed to develop custom-made or outstanding designs that a machine cannot reproduce. Additionally, painters can be called upon for technical applications such as repair work, where accuracy and attention to detail are vital. 

However, with technology taking over every industry including the painting industry, there will be a demand for painters in the future but only credible and reliable painters are sought for.

How can one become a credible Painter?

Becoming a painter might sound easy, but it surely isn’t. Here is a simple guide which can be followed to become a painter. 

Take courses:

As a beginner, you must develop your skills by learning art fundamentals. These basics include; color theory, perspectives of arts, and compositions. 

These courses can either be offline or online and will cover a range of creative painting tutorials and lessons. There are many best online watercolor classes which you can join to develop your painting skills.

Create a portfolio

While you practice consistently and experiment with various mediums and techniques with your skills, build a portfolio of your best work. Your portfolio will enable you to market yourself to potential buyers or museums. 

Search for opportunities to exhibit your work, such as local art concerts or museums. You can also offer your assistance as a painter for employment, such as building custom pieces for clients.

Network with other artists

Meet other artists and experts in the art industry, attend art events and exhibitions, and join artist communities to acquire exposure and build relationships. 

The more you connect with better professionals, the more you can refine your skill and develop unique and captivating works of art.


While technological advances may automate some aspects of the painting process, such as combining paint and applying it to blank canvases, many areas of the painting still need a human painter’s creativity and proficiency. 

As a beginner, there are so many tremendous opportunities for you as a painter . However, as a painter who wants to stay relevant and be demanded for, you must stay informed, experiment, collaborate and adjust to technology. 

So, it’s important to take courses and sharpen your skills to continually be in the limelight. You also have to find ways to integrate recent trends and techniques into your work while staying loyal to your artistic voice.


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