Is There a Difference Between CAFM and IWMS?


There are many types of software being used within workplaces nowadays to accomplish all sorts of tasks and projects, and especially when it comes to managing a building’s facility within the office space there are many options, thus it can get a bit confusing to understand which is which.

A few of the examples of these “confusing” systems include CAFM, IWMS, CMMS and EAM, for instance. The article below will help you to decipher the differences between all of these, especially if there is a difference between the more common CAFM and IWMS.

The Definitions Of 4 Common Ones

First, we take a look at the definitions of each of the above-mentioned acronyms.

CAFM: Also known as “Computer-Aided Facilities Management”, this is a platform that allows users to focus on the physical aspects of a workplace, as well as anything inside of it.

Accommodating employees and staff members, as well as using the office space efficiently is amongst the many capabilities of these types of software. A great example is the one created by FSI, which provides significant benefits to organizations by proving a means to streamline their business goals. These systems can be used in a variety of industries including architecture, real estate planning, interior design agencies, and more.

IWMS: If you are looking to manage a facility, this “Integrated Workplace Management System” is your go-to. It can be used for floor planning as well as real estate portfolio management and more. It is one of the inclusive tools in a facility manager’s arsenal. These systems are responsible for a much broader range of managerial data sets.

EAM: Also known as “Enterprise Asset Management”, helps in managing assets. The “assets” we speak of include workstations, computers and IT gear, photocopy machines and more. The advantage of keeping track of these is to retrieve information regarding any upgrades that need to be done, as well as when it is time for maintenance and accounting purposes.

CMMS: “Computerized Maintenance Management System” concentrates solely on handling facility maintenance requests. Chain stores like McDonald’s, especially use and benefit from these systems. The facilities include items such as switches, lightbulbs and messes that need cleaning up, as well as ticketing, dispatching and delegation of tasks within the workplace. Typically used in a restaurant, it helps managers track their staff’s schedules, as well as suppliers and food expenses.

So, if you are wondering whether there is a difference between CAFM and IWMS, while CAFM is a facilities management system that focuses on the physical space inside a building, as well as its assets and the people that work in it, IWMS is also similar in that it is an all-inclusive tool for facilities management, and is built around the 5 pillars of Facility Management, namely space management, capital planning, real estate and property management, operations and maintenance and energy management.

So, to say that both CAFM and IWMS can work hand in hand, would be correct.


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