Keep Content Short & Drive Your Business Forward With Video Marketing 


2022 is right around the corner, and as we say every year, video keeps getting better. All recent findings hint that short-form content is the next most effective trend marketers are currently using. Over 31% of global marketers currently subsidise short-form video content, and 46% of them consider this strategy effective when it comes to performance and engagement. And they have good reasons to believe so:

Video has been consumers’ favourite approach to content consumption for some time now, but marketers are always finding ways to utilise it in their outreach to current and prospective buyers.

From short-form videos like Instagram Reels and TikTok to various live streaming platforms and influencers unboxing goods, the biggest trend in video marketing that allures consumers is constantly evolving.

While long-form videos are perfect if you want to offer depth and large amounts of information about your brand, product, or services to your target audience, both B2B and B2C marketers have discovered that getting to the point with shorter videos can actually be much more effective. Here’s how:

Shorter Video Content Makes More Views

Because 5% of viewers pause videos after one minute and 60% of them drop off after two minutes, shorter videos can increase the number of people who actually get to the end of your video. Short video the gin and juice of socials like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat because people are usually scrolling quickly, and their time is more valuable.

Shorter content makes for higher retention rates which is ideal if you want to capture the viewer’s attention – and for longer.

With more than 55% of videos “devoured” on mobile devices running under 5 minutes, short video content is ideal for smartphone users. For example, if you know that your target audience – say, gen X will likely watch your content on their smartphones, you will want to keep your videos as short as possible so they will not lose their patience. Brief video content will help you relay a quick message, focusing concisely on just one or two ideas.

Shorter Content Is Shareable Content

Even the most eager marketing professionals and Digital agencies New York will tell you that short content is optimal for creating shareable content intended for social media engagement. Experts from Single Grain found that 92% of mobile users share videos, so focus on creating relatable, entertaining, and interesting pieces. Pique your audience’s interest with something that makes them curious. Help them learn about something new to keep them coming for more. This will help you create brand awareness and encourage viewers to share your content.

Another important part of creating sharable and relatable content is how you craft your storytelling. Doing it mindfully allows your audience to see themselves in a given situation, making it more relatable to their day-to-day experiences. You can do that by mapping the following:

  • The problem that your target audience is experiencing
  • The solution that your brand or product can provide
  • How they can relate and get from point A to point B clearly (problem to solution)

Gain Burst of Traffic Through Brand Challenge

When short video content first gained attention, it was through online videos based on songs, dances, and sounds.

Brand challenges are a foolproof way to reach new digital heights, increase your traffic, build community, and engage with your audience.

Take Colgate. In order to celebrate Mother’s ‘Day, this not-at-all-new brand launched a #MakeMomSmile challenge, which urged worldwide users to share videos in which they did something special for their mothers. The challenge was also a smart play on words because Colgate is all about providing beautiful smiles to its customers.

However, choosing the right place to share your content is the first step to effectively promoting a video. Short content can be used in lots of places, and competent video marketing comes from an understanding of which socials work for your target audience and your brand:

YouTube Shorts

This video platform recently announced its ‘Short’’ feature for users of the YouTube app. The new features allow you to upload multiple clips, compile, adjust their speed, and record alongside music hands-free.

While it’s still in its infancy, the new feature may yet prove to be a large contender in the short-form video race. So far, Shorts has faced some lack of collaboration features as well as the inability to let users curate their own feeds as it’s still algorithm-driven. However, Shorts may yet prove to be a large competitor in the short-form content race.

Instagram Reels

Like TikTok, Instagram Rees allows its users to create 15-to 3-0-second video clips set to music. This feature has quickly become central to Instagram, placing it in the middle of the bottom tab bar.

The Reels feature integrates flawlessly with other features of the app, allowing users to share brief video content to their Stories and filtering into the Explore feed.

Snapchat Spotlight

We can all say that Snapchat is living its best moment. The platform has recently announced that its revenue reached 66% from the previous year and its average daily users grew to 280 million.

Snapchat is all the rage right now thanks to its ‘Spotlight’’ features that allow users to show short videos continuously.

To encourage its users to generate content for this feature, Snapchat offers daily financial stimuli for the best content (decided based on the number of views), which seems to be paying off.

At the moment, Spotlight is only available to creators with brands currently barred. Because Instagram and TikTok offer countless advertising opportunities, it’s likely Snapchat will ultimately offer brands the opportunity to use this feature, so it’s undeniably one worth mentioning here.


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