7 Rules to Keep Your Office a Safer Workplace


Every workplace is different in terms of safety parameters but every manager should have same mindset about the safety of his employs and co-workers. The safety of employs should be one of the top priorities of a manager at a workplace. Here are some rules that you should always keep in mind so that you make your workplace a safe place for you and your employs:

1) Make a Plan:

Make sure you train your employees for emergency situations and every worker should understand what needs to be done in case of a natural disaster or any other crisis. Detail out your security approach in your handbook or via a health and safety management system and include things like emergency exit in offices, who to contact on account of a crisis and the protocol is in the case of a natural disaster.It is a smart thought to vet this thought with your legal department.

2) Have Safety Equipment Available:

Make sure the safety gear in your office is ready and available 24/7. These include Fire extinguishers, medical tool kits etc. Apart from these equipment’s, personal safety items like gloves, safety glasses, eye wash etc. are also available at your disposal. It’s equally crucial to ensure that the cleaning supplies used in the office are EPA approved products to guarantee they are effective against common pathogens while being safe for employees and the environment. This careful selection of cleaning agents helps maintain a healthy workspace by minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals.

3) Be Aware of Your Surroundings:

By paying attention to suspicious and unusual happenings in your surrounding you can avert a disaster; be it a natural or some other.Try not to be reluctant to ask or report, and ensure employees aren’t apprehensive either. Be polite but assertive in challenging anyone acting unusual.

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4) Use Tools and Machine Carefully:

Play it safe when utilizing apparatuses, and do not take short cuts.. Taking shortcuts can be a primary reason of an accident or a disaster. Always read readers manual before using a tool or a machine. Utilizing instruments the correct way enormously decreases the possibility of work environment damage.

5) Take a Break Once in a While:

You’re occupied, but at the same time it’s essential to understand that your brain isn’t intended to work in an unending circle.Get up to move around at regular intervals, or take a 20-second break to take a look at anything besides your PC, to spare your mind and your eyes some inconvenience. Taking a break also helps you focus on other things which will help you stay alert.

6) Refrain from Drinking:

Around three percent of working environment fatalities happen because of liquor and drugs. At the point when a laborer’s capacity to practice judgment, coordination, engine control, concentration or readiness is traded off, this increases the number of dangers for workplace injuries and fatalities.

7) Offer Rewards and Prizes:

Tell your employees and co-workers to regularly look out for safety hazards. Offer gifts and prizes to your employees for every week, month, or quarter you go without an incident.Select safety workers to help keep order in your general vicinity. These simple initiatives really do make all of the difference. Arrange regular meetings with your staff to remind them about changes in policy.


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