How To Keep Your Work And Life Balance In Check


It is easy for one to get caught up with work and forget he/she has a life to live. Planning your time well and setting boundaries between work and family can help you make the most out of your life. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

1) Learn to Prioritize

Sort tasks, events, and experiences based on their importance and how fast they should be done/handled. A good example is when you have to attend a friend’s birthday/graduation party, but still, have plenty of work to do.  The best way to approach this would be to schedule time to work on the remaining tasks as soon as the party is over. This will help you deliver your work on time and still get to enjoy yourself a little.

2) Don’t Focus on Work Alone

You may have heard of the term, a workaholic. This is the one thing you should avoid if you wish to live life to the fullest. While its good to work hard and deliver the best results, you still should understand and appreciate other complexities and attributes of life. Learn to balance work and life.

3) Don’t Skip Lunch Breaks

Lunch breaks are there for a reason.  Do not skip lunch breaks or continue working when everyone is out for lunch. It would also be advisable to follow a healthy diet plan, and especially avoid foods loaded with simple sugars. These can impact your productivity and energy levels significantly.

4) Don’t Accept More Than You Can Handle

Just because you are good at what you do doesn’t mean you should accept all the work your manager/supervisor gives you. Learn to let them know that you have your hands full and that you wouldn’t be able to complete the extra work. Be sure to let him/her know that you’ll come for more when done with the tasks at hand. This way, the boss will help you prioritize what’s important and what’s not; thus, saving you precious time in the long run. Life can be demanding as this post from New York Mediation Center shows.

5) Learn to Ask for Help

There are times when you will have more than you can chew.  It is, however, OK to ask for help from colleagues and even your supervisor if the tasks are overwhelming. Managers can also help delegate some of the work to other staffs with plenty of time on their hands. Do not struggle to complete the piles and piles of work when a colleague or teammate might be able to help.

6) Build A Meaningful Relationship with People, Not Devices

Smartphones and other devices can be addictive. These are known to impact a person’s mental and physical well-being, hence should be used with moderation.  Learn to disconnect from these devices and instead build a relationship with real people.

7) Go for A Vacation

Working year in, year out can be draining. It is for this reason you should consider taking a paid vacation to rejuvenate and relax. According to research, taking a vacation will help your mind relax, hence be able to do more than if you didn’t take time to relax. Be sure to switch off from work completely while on vacation.

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