3 Key Factors to Consider Before Switching to Solar Power Energy


A lot of people are seeing the benefits of going solar. Do you know why solar power energy installations will increase 30% this year? The financial gain from having solar panels is a significant motivating factor.

Folks have learned that using solar power energy will not only save them money on their energy bill. Solar power can also earn some people extra cash. Getting off the grid means less drain on the system as well.

But before deciding on using solar energy, there are a few things to consider. So before going solar, keep reading for a brief look at three crucial factors to think about first.

1) Location, Location, Location

Like the three rules of real estate, location is key to determining if solar panels are suitable for your home. For example, the direction your roof faces will impact how much solar power you collect.

Solar panels will still create solar energy with indirect sunlight. But for the most gain from solar power energy, your roof needs to face more hours of sunlight.

Your house needs to be free of impediments, which causes shade that keeps the solar panels from working best. So take a good look around your property and see where tall trees or other buildings might get in the way of the sun.

2) Roof Conditions

Most solar panels for homes get installed on available roof space. You will have to find out first if your roof needs repairs before going to the expense of solar power. Solar panels today last 25 years or more, so make sure your roof is in good shape.

But even if your roof is good, will it handle the weight of the installed solar panels. Again, it would be best to consult with a solar company near you to get a professional opinion on the load your roof will handle.

Then, the size of your roof will help you know if it’s worth the cost of going solar. Next, use a solar calculator to find out how much solar power your roof panels will produce. You will know then how much grid cost you can expect to save and when you’ll break even.

3) Financing Solar Power Energy

It’s great to think that producing solar energy will get you off the power company grid. But first, you will need to factor in the costs involved with the installation of solar panels.

If you need financing to buy solar panels, calculate that into the time, it will take to break even. But, then, there is more than the original investment to consider here.

There will be fees for permits to install solar panels and connect your panels to the grid. In addition, when using solar power, energy has to go through the grid to determine refunds. So, electricity providers may charge set up fees.

Adding It All Up

When you get a clearer picture of solar power energy, you likely see its rewards. If you plan to stay in your home for a long time, the initial cost of solar panels will pay for themselves. But then, you continue using solar power for all the right reasons combined.

More than a chance to save money on monthly bills, solar power helps the environment. Yet, then, everyone wins from going solar. So if you felt this article put a spark in your plans, come back for more valuable insights.

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