5 Kinds Of Cryptocurrencies You Need To Know About In 2020


There are many choices when it comes to selecting a cryptocurrency. Before you invest you will have to look into the market and see which cryptocurrency is earning maximum and which one has the most demands. This means that you will have to check out the list of prices available. The more you spend time on the research better you understand which one will be best for you to use.

There are different kinds of traders looking for different kinds of investments, this means that it is your choice to be a heavy bidder or a person who is just starting to invest with small investments.

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Before that, you will have to know about the different cryptocurrencies that are presently succeeding in the market. There are over 1600 choices to select from, however, you can be smart and choose from the ones that are very famous and promises good returns.

What will you look into before you invest in cryptocurrencies?

Like every other investment that you make even this should be well researched. Despite the devaluation of the international trend in 2019, there are still few coins that will give you good returns and are potential to provide an ROI for long-term investments. However, if you stay fixated on the current rate you will be at loss, as the rates keep changing sometimes even overnight. There have been records of the prices dropping drastically and rising at a skyrocketing rate.

Here are the two points that you will want to consider before investing.

Capitalization of the Market– on the value of digital money issued of a particular cryptocurrency. A huge volume of crypto participates in active transactions when the market capitalization is high. This means a boosted interest of investors will have a good return.

Level of Liquidity– having a higher rate, is most likely to sell the cryptocurrency will faster. The most used cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. These have a high rate of liquidity. The trade actions will be indicated by the number of transactions on one particular crypto type i.e. made over a given period of time. This indicator will show you the actual demand for particular cryptocurrencies amongst the traders.

The 5 kinds of Cryptocurrencies you should know about

Among the many choices that are present worldwide, we have listed 5 among them that are most popular and are in demand. Check the list below to choose your cryptocurrency type.

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin had offered a 50% reduction in rewards on May 2020- 12.5 BTC got reduced to 6.25 BTC for each verified block. Apart from this Bitcoin is one of the most famous and first cryptocurrencies they are planning the cut their dominance index to 65-70% compared to the other coins in the market. These factors may significantly affect the prices of bitcoins resulting in growth around 2020.

  1. Ethereum

Ethereum will offer you a smart contract for the digitalizing transactions. This feature however is not present in Bitcoins. The currency value can increase as the demands of its blockchain functionality is increasing rather than an asset deficit faced by bitcoins. The upcoming fork updates and fast implementation of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm are directly proportional to the success of this currency.

  1. Ripple

The king of banking infrastructure as Ripple is called in the industry. Ripple’s partnership with few of the major financial market dwellers has made the breakthrough of Ripple possible in the crypto culture. Just like the latest development with the Western Union has reduced the cost of huge money transfers peer-to-peer and has also accelerated this process. However, XRP will not give out a good profit in 2020, however, it is better for long-term investments.

  1. EOS

EOS is aimed towards getting listed in the most promising companies of cryptocurrency for a couple of years that approach us. If big companies like Uber, Amazon, and Twitter shift to blockchain their main work will be EOS. This currency is free from the Ethereum issues regarding scalability and it is prepared to tackle and replace its competitors.

  1. NEO

NEO’s is another promising cryptocurrency that is rapidly growing. It may even have an ICO, but till now it trading at an $11,14 USD per token level.


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