Kunio Hara’s Ho-me-I-ku is Improving the Way People Cultivate Relationships


As they say, we are first humans before we are anything else— caterers, doctors, craftsmen or even students and the value that we contribute to society falls off the kinds of persons that we are first. Our core values are reflected on the way we associate, appreciate and interact with friends, colleagues, family, neighbors and strangers.

Kunio Hara’s Ho-me-I-ku was created with people in mind, first. To help foster and cultivate the right behavior, responses and mindset in people. Ho-me-I-ku is an educational method developed with a fine-mix of brain science, sociology, emotional intelligence and psychology.

The way we approach life matters because it is responsible for more than 75% of the reality that we’ll have to live in. Kunio hara has taken the time to invest himself in the practice and testing of people’s behavioral patterns, emotional triggers and internal comprehension; coming to the conclusion that people lead better lives overall when they learn to praise each other and show gratitude.

It is easier to get sensitized on others’ emotional demands when we express gratitude and daily praise for our existence. This is important in every kind of relationship that we may want to have— with our spouse, our boss, our neighbors and even our children/parents. 

The concepts of Ho-me-i-ku has been documented in more than 28 books authored by Kanio Hara and sold to more than 20 countries of the world. He has made it easy to gain from the knowledge and values of Ho-me-i-ku with the online learning portal that’s designed to help individuals and bring happiness to their lives.

Kunio Hara has built a foundation for the further spread and teaching of the Ho-me-i-ku basics; the foundation now provides support for entrepreneurs and child education. To further the aid and spread of this educational method, Kunio Hara shares value every Saturday night on the “Ho-me-i-ku radio station” broadcast in Japan.  

Ho-me-i-ku— the word in itself that means that nations and people exist to praise each other almost appears to every debate one may have about conflicts of the mind within one’s self, conquering one’s selfish interests, desires and simply praising others and receiving praise yourself.

There’s healing of emotions when you’re devout to the teachings, truly practicing praising each other and showing gratitude. Of course this wasn’t easy to come by for the founder of this method as he had to pull out of society for a while after a really harsh encounter with the rash realities of the work environment.

He underwent further studies away from Japan in the United States and when he returned, he decided that people and companies could largely benefit from this method of education. Today, he has affected more than 1 million lives and over 500 companies through the personal teaching of this method. His books have been translated in more than 15 languages and adopted by many renowned leaders across the globe.

It is important to consciously train ourselves in ways that show sustainable growth in our lives, relationships and career; Ho-me-i-ku educational method is simply dedicated to giving this value for all that may care to imbibe and benefit.

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