Kyle Dutcher Net Worth 2024 – Wikipedia, Age, Family and More

Kyle Dutcher Net Worth

Kyle Dutcher, also known as Push, is like a superhero of roller skating, zooming around with style and skill all over the world with an estimated net worth of around $12 million. He’s not just good at skating; he’s a total boss in business too! With his own skate brand called Nostalgia and making cool videos on YouTube, he’s making big bucks. But wait, there’s more!

Kyle Dutcher Net Worth in 2024

Kyle Dutcher makes a lot of money each year. His total net worth is around $12 million. Every year, he earns around $2 million. That means each month he gets $160,000, and every day, he gets $5,000. Kyle Dutcher is really good at making money!

Kyle Dutcher Net Worth in 2023

Kyle Dutcher net worth in 2023 was around $10 million.

Kyle Dutcher Financial Snapshot

According to different sources Kyle Dutcher’s annually income estimation is given below:

Net Worth $12 Million
Yearly Income $2 Million
Monthly Income $160k
Daily Income $5000

How Does Kyle Dutcher Make Money

Kyle Dutcher make money from different sources which includes:

Roller Skating:

Kyle Dutcher earns income primarily from his role as a professional roller skater. With over a decade of experience in roller skating, his performances contribute significantly to his earnings. Kyle Dutcher sells special skates, gear, and clothes for roller skating fans.

Affiliate Marketing:

Kyle Dutcher also participate in affiliate marketing, where he earns a commission for each sale made through his unique referral link. This could be for products or services he recommends in his videos or on his channel’s description.

YouTube Monetization:

Kyle makes a big part of his money from his YouTube channel. With a more then 170k subscriber and millions of views on Youtube, he earns around $600k anullay through youtube ads.

Brand Collaborations:

Kyle Dutcher enhances his income through collaborations with renowned brands like Nike, Ocean Spray. As a roller skater and influencer, he promotes their products and services on his social media platforms and at skating events. He earns an estimated $500k per year from brand collaborations and PR packages.

Brand Endorsements:

Leveraging his status as a roller skating celebrity, Kyle secures endorsements from various brands such as Nivea, Coca-Cola, Cameo and Uber. His appearances in commercials and campaigns for these brands contribute significantly to his income, with an estimated annual earning of $1 million from brand endorsements. PUSH  also signed a contract with the talent acquisition agency KXNGPXN Skating Alliance, located in Charlotte, North Carolina USA.

Kyle Dutcher Biography & Wikipedia

Nickname Push
Real Name Kyle Dutcher
Profession Roller Skater, YouTuber
Date of Birth May 04, 1977
Place of Birth Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality Georgian
Wife Aloni Smiley
Girlfriend No
Kids 2 (1 son and 1 daughter)
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Dark brown
Age 47 years
Height 6 feet 4 inches (1.9 m)
Weight 84 kg or 185 pounds
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net Worth $12 million

Kyle Dutcher Age

We have figured out Kyle Dutcher age which is around 47 years as per his date of birth May 04, 1977. The place of his birth is Los Angeles, California, United States. He belongs to Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia.

Kyle Dutcher Height and Weight

Kyle Dutcher height is 6 feet and 4 inches or 1.9m. While he carries a weight of 84 kg which is about 185 pounds. However, we have also discovered about his eye color is dark brown and the color of hair is gray.

Early Life of Kyle Dutcher

Kyle Dutcher, known as Push, started his journey in the mid-2000s in Atlanta’s skate scene. When he was 26, he saw some young folks dancing on roller skates and decided to skate again, just like he did when he was a kid. Push wanted to get really good at skating. He liked the smooth moves of the ATL skate style and the JB style from the Midwest, which came from Chicago and was inspired by James Brown’s music. Push mixed these styles together to create his own unique skating style.

In 2019, a video of Push doing one of his special moves became very popular on the internet. A comedian named Tahir Moore reacted to it, and big social media pages like The Shade Room and D.L. Hughley shared it. Push became famous on social media, getting millions of views and lots of followers. He even taught skating to famous people like Usher and Sherri Shepherd. Push and Shaquille O’Neal, a famous basketball player, had a fun skating competition online and were seen together in Atlanta.

Educational Journey of Kyle Dutcher

Kyle Dutcher did really well in school at Shiloh High. He was part of cool clubs like the Chess Club, Student Council and National Honor Society. He also participate in sports activity and played basketball, football, and baseball.

After he finished high school in 1995, he went to California for further studies. He studied Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Later, he went to the University of California, Los Angeles for his MBA, where he learned about Strategy and Finance.

Kyle was a leader there, being President of the MBA group, Vice President of the Black Business Students Association, and helping run the Entrepreneurship Conference. He cared a lot about doing well in school and helping out in his community.

Kyle Dutcher wife

Aloni Smiley, the professional roller skater is the wife of Kyle Dutcher. She is a businesswoman, a mother of 2 child, and a fitness enthusiast. Kyle and Aloni’s love story started with roller skating. They met in 2004 when they both worked at Coca-Cola for skating event in Atlanta. They fell in love and got married in 2007. Roller skating is a big part of their lives. It lets them spend good time together and make memories.

Aloni Smiley also owns a store that sells old-fashioned clothes and accessories. She eats vegan food and does yoga and meditation. She’s a wonderful person, inside and out, and she inspires a lot of people with her sense of style and how kind she is.

Roller Skating Appearance on Wife Swap

Kyle Dutcher was appear on a TV show called “Wife Swap.” It’s where families trade moms for a while. In a video from the show, Kyle showed how good he is at roller skating. He said roller skating is important for his family. They skate together and make memories.

Kyle’s wife was scared to skate at first but ended up having fun. Behind the scenes, Kyle was open to learning new things about how other families do things. The show let us see how Kyle and his family got along during the swap. We got to learn about their family and what they think is important.


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