LinkedIn API Pricing: What You Need to Know


LinkedIn API Pricing is becoming increasingly important for businesses and individuals looking to take advantage of the networking platform’s powerful capabilities. Whether you are a small business owner or an individual user, understanding what goes into LinkedIn pricing will help you make the best decision for your needs. 

The pricing for using the LinkedIn API is based on three main components: the API call rate, per-action fees, and monthly subscription. The API call rate is based on how many calls you make to the API each month. This includes any calls that are made in order to get data from the platform or to push information out to it. Calls are priced differently depending on whether they’re for basic profile data or company page information. The per-action fees are optional and are charged whenever an action is taken on the LinkedIn platform. This includes sending a message or an invitation, making a connection, or posting content on the user’s profile or company page. Lastly, there is a monthly subscription fee that covers access to all of the services available via the API.

How Will LinkedIn API Pricing Affect Your Business?

LinkedIn API pricing can have a significant impact on businesses, both large and small. For one, the cost of using the API will be factored into a company’s operating budget. This could lead to either an increase in spending or decreased profits depending on how much is needed to access LinkedIn’s data.

In addition, usage of the API may require additional personnel to manage the integration and access of data, which in turn will increase the cost. Furthermore, companies may need to update their systems to ensure that they’re compliant with LinkedIn’s regulations. All these costs associated with using the API can add up quickly, so it’s important for businesses to carefully consider whether they really need access to the data before deciding to invest in the API.

Furthermore, it’s essential for businesses to understand the terms and conditions that come with using any API. The terms and conditions may contain limitations or restrictions that could impact a business’s strategy.

What Features Will Be Limited with the New LinkedIn API Pricing?

The new pricing for LinkedIn’s API has been set by the company to ensure the protection of its user data and limit access to certain features. This means that developers, companies, and organizations will only be able to use certain features with a paid subscription.

The features that are limited include basic information from public profiles, such as names, job titles, and descriptions. Other features such as connections, messages, and profile photo uploads are also limited by the new pricing structure. Additionally, developers will be unable to access LinkedIn’s intelligence features like Trends & Insights which provides insights into people’s interests across different industries. Lastly, companies will no longer have access to the company search API which allows users to search for companies and learn more about their offerings.

Overall, the new LinkedIn API pricing is set up to protect user data and limit access to certain features in order to ensure a secure experience for everyone who uses the platform. Although some features have become limited, the new pricing structure will help make sure that developers have access to only what they need for their projects. By carefully considering the features that your business needs, you can make sure that you’re getting the best value from LinkedIn’s API. This will allow businesses to continue leveraging the power of LinkedIn while also staying compliant with their terms and conditions.

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