How To Live Stream As Part Of An Online Marketing Strategy


Where live video was once the new kid on the block, used largely to broadcast sporting events and such online, it is now widely used as an effective marketing tool. Brands have caught onto the fact that live video goes further than images or on-demand video content ever can, by offering a real-time view of companies and what goes on behind the scenes. Essentially, the reason live streaming is so powerful in the marketing world comes down to authenticity. As consumers, we immediately establish a level of trust in a brand that is happy to offer live content – there’s no room for editing, what you see is what you get (mostly).

What is live streaming?

Live streaming refers to the broadcasting of live footage on the internet. It can be done using dedicated video sharing platforms or on social media, with most social channels now offering live video features. Brands can use live streams in a variety of ways as a key component of an online marketing strategy, such as for events, product demos, company announcements, webinar training and more.

Why is live streaming valuable?

Live streams enable brands to form connections with their audience in a way that on-demand videos can’t as viewers can engage in real-time and receive responses there and then. By nature, live video is highly engaging and viewers tend to stick around to watch for far longer than they would on a pre-recorded video.

On top of this, live video boosts conversion rates as there is an instant trust established between the brand and its target consumers. People are far more likely to convert or get in touch if they have seen an authentic and honest view of your company.

What’s more, live streams don’t have to be complicated to record or share. You can adapt your setup and equipment to suit your budget and the time you have available. For example, a simple IP web camera is sufficient if you want to keep your production costs as low as possible.

Before your brand gets started with creating live content, you need to choose a live video sharing platform that suits your brand. While social platforms offer an easy way to go live and can provide an impressive amount of reach with the click of a button, they are not ideal for brands that are looking to integrate live video into their marketing strategy. Dedicated video streaming and hosting platforms like Zidivo is the way to go. These platforms allow businesses to pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to a range of professional streaming and hosting features, allowing brands to go live seamlessly from any device, with unlimited technical support along the way.

Creating live video content:

  • Variety

As live video is used more and more by brands for marketing purposes, it’s important to offer a wide variety of content types if you want to stand out from the crowd and generate attention. Diversify your live streams by offering a mix of events, webinars, how-tos, ads, demos, and more. Don’t let your live streams become predictable. By offering a range of live content you can appeal to all types of your target consumers and keep people tuning in.

  • Branding

It’s important to vary the types of live streams you put out, but keeping your branding consistent is essential. Every brand has a colour theme, logo and general vibe that they stick to when sharing content online, and your live streams should be no different. With professional video platforms, you can customise HTML5 players to make sure they suit your site and overall brand down to the ground. This helps to establish your brand reputation and boost legitimacy.

  • Scripts

Although live streams are supposed to be spontaneous and unplanned to a certain extent if they are to appear natural and authentic, there is some planning involved. You should have a rough idea of what will be discussed in your videos and when to avoid going off on tangents or losing the interest of your viewers. By planning rough scripts and having a content calendar, you can also promote your streams in the right way and generate the right kind of audience who have a specific interest in what you’re offering. A rough script saves you from any awkward silences or pauses too!


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