London is Crowned Europe’s Most Pet-Friendly City


In the last year and a half, there was a huge spike in the number of pet owners in the UK. People wanted company during the pandemic, and a furry friend makes the perfect roommate. As restrictions ease, many people are looking into UK staycations this year over traveling abroad.

Google trends revealed more people than ever before are looking to book a holiday with their pets in mind. decided to rank twenty of Europe’s most popular cities on how pet-friendly they are. They looked into pet-friendly public transport, the number of vet surgeries in the area, the green spaces available and much more.

The mortgage experts found that London was the most pet-friendly city in Europe. The UK capital scored highly on several factors – and the underground was crowned the most pet-friendly public transport in the world. Take a staycation this year and stay in a serviced London apartment with your pet for some quality family time.

There are over 240 pet stores and a staggering 172 options of pet day-care in London alone. You can spend a day wandering around London’s best spots while your pet gets the crème-da-le-crème of doggy day-care. Talk about a win, win!

Paris closely followed London in Europe’s most pet-friendly cities. Of course, Paris is the perfect place for fashionistas to carry their handbag dogs on day-to-day errands. However, until last year, only 16% of Paris’s public parks allowed dogs in. Fortunately, Paris made a few changes, and dogs can now access 163 parks in Paris, so they have plenty of space to walk and play. Paris is home to a whopping 207 groomers – making Parisian pets some of the most pampered animals in the world.

Rome comes in at number three for the most pet-friendly cities in the world. Rome is known for its diverse range of pets – parrots to ferrets. There are only 29 pet day-care centres and 39 groomers in Rome. However, you can take your pet on public transport and travel across the city with them. If you have a more unusual pet, Rome might just be the place for you.

Back in the UK, the staycation and workcation trends are on the rise. People are heading to luxe country houses for work holidays and glamping pods for their family staycation. With most of us working remotely for the foreseeable future, it is the perfect time to mix up your work environment and venture to someplace new. Escape the responsibilities of everyday life and take your pet on a workcation with you. There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels around the UK and lots of Airbnb’s to choose from.

Explore a new destination this year and treat your pet to a wonderful holiday. wonderful holiday.


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