Looking Across the Border for Your Next Big Investment


After almost a decade of unprecedented growth, American investors are starting to get antsy. While the possibility of a recession looms large, the fact of the matter is that domestic politics continue to create an increased level of uncertainty for the markets. With this in mind, more and more U.S.-based investors are looking beyond their own borders at investment opportunities elsewhere.

The world is a big place and presents American investors with a wide array of options. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to  North America. The following are some of the best choices to consider for Americans looking to put their money into Canadian or Mexican investment opportunities:

Business Services

With so much uncertainty affecting the American economy, more and more companies are choosing to shift operations north of the border. Even if things eventually settle down stateside, the steady growth of Canadian commercial enterprise means more opportunities for investors to make a profit. Stay one step ahead of the rest by putting your money into the business services these commercial entities need to thrive. For example, consider becoming part-owner or sole owner of accounting practices for sale in Canada and similar services utilized by businesses on a regular basis. The aforementioned growth ensures these and other business services will thrive.


The laissez-faire way in which the American pharmaceutical industry operates is likely to come to an end sooner or later. It could be ten years from now or 20, but the possibility means uncertainty in the eyes of investors. A more stable alternative is the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, where government regulations have been in place for decades and these companies have evolved accordingly. Any regulatory changes in the future are unlikely to impact drug companies in Canada the way they would those in the United States. This level of stability makes Canadian pharmaceutical companies an ideal option for American investors.

Real Estate

Imagine if huge swaths of inhospitable land became desirable real estate. Whoever owned that land would become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. It’s a likely outcome of climate change. Thousands of acres of currently frozen land in Canada will thaw out in the coming decades as temperatures continue to rise. It might sound like a scheme cooked up by a comic book villain, but investing in real estate north of the border might end up becoming a brilliant business move in the 21st century.


For this, we turn south – to Mexico – where assembly plants and other manufacturing facilities continue to prosper. While much of this prosperity has hinged on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) currently at risk of being replaced by a new arrangement between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., the skilled labor force in Mexico isn’t going away anytime soon. Coupled with the lower costs associated with manufacturing products south of the border, investing in Mexican-based production facilities is a smart choice for American investors.

Senior Care

Countries around the world continue to see steady growth in their elderly population. Simply put, people are living longer and require more care as they get older. Whether it’s Canada or Mexico, investing in senior care products and services is a smart play. This is true for America as well, but investment in American-based senior care is already saturated to the point where you’re unlikely to see the same gains.

The economic outlook for the United States remains relatively strong, but investors are worried about a dip in the near future. Such a dip may result in less-than-ideal investment opportunities for the time being. A viable alternative would be to invest in businesses and industries in Canada and Mexico, where growth has yet to be tapped out and opportunities for profit are more plentiful.


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