5 Business Ideas With Low Startup Cost


2019 is coming to an end, and many people are considering entrepreneurship. In today’s digital era, all you really need is a computer and a smart phone to make things happen.

As online work is becoming more and more common, people are putting on their entrepreneurial hats and getting their feet wet in the business world. And if you spend your time in the right niche, it’s definitely not impossible to leave your 9-5 and make it.

Having said that, because of the incredible accessibility of information, there are many people delving into working for themselves. But don’t be foolish and think that you can hit the jackpot without putting in a little blood, sweat and tears.

Owning and operating a business is hard work, and it probably always will be. But if you are willing to put in the effort, the possibilities are endless.

Below are some startup ideas that don’t require much capital. Be aware that there are certainly many more, but these are just a few. So take a look at the five ideas below.  If you’re thinking of starting a business maybe one will be a fit.

Low-Cost Startup Ideas

Start A Home Organizing Business

Starting a business as a professional organizer isn’t that hard. And to be honest, it’s a trendy business to get into. Many celebrity stylists and organizers get paid a huge salary.  And many have become celebrities themselves.

To start a home or closet organizing business you need only one thing. A slightly anal disposition and a knack for keeping things tidy. Once you get a client or two, if you are good, the referrals should come pouring in.

Invest In Real Estate

I know what you’re thinking. Real estate development sounds like an expensive business.  Especially if you’ve never been taught anything about buying properties. But let me tell you this. Putting properties on credit and taking out loans doesn’t count as a high start up cost. Now let me tell you why.

If you listen to any of the high hitters, they’ll all tell you the same. The goal is to put things on credit cards and take out loans but have other people pay them off for you. How genius is that.  And it’s 100% possible.

With a little poking around online, if you’re good with numbers you may want to pursue real estate. Additionally, if you are adept in understanding financial terms and think you’d be good at analyzing a deal, then this might be a great career fit. The good thing about buying properties is that it requires nothing except an ability to negotiate and excellent credit.

Be A Social Media Influencer

Sure, it might sound like a large task. But being a social media influencer (and making money promoting people’s products) isn’t that uncommon. All you need to do is tap into your passion and a niche.

Do you love animals or do you have a pet? Maybe you could post pictures of animals or a pet and gain attention in that way. There are many people who have a pet who has made them a social media star.

TikTok can be a great way to make money if you use a bot to help you – read this for further information: 11 Best TikTok Bots for Shares, Views, & Followers

The way to become Instagram famous is to develop a system for posting and sharing content. You mus begin by exploring and creating a brand identity. If you have a knack for knowing how to express your ideas visually, this could be a great path for you.

Found an SEO Agency

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a booming industry that doesn’t require much capital initially. To learn more about SEO, check out this link that explains what is SEO.

In the beginning, you can pull off using some of the many free tools out there that help analyze website metrics and keywords to guide you in the right direction. There are also ways to use paid tools that are very affordable. Group Buy SEO Tools is just one example, but essentially you purchase expensive tools as a group and pay a fraction of the cost.

The thing about beginning an SEO agency is that it’s essential you have the background and training to perform the task of optimizing a business website. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you need any formal training (there’s a huge amount of information and training videos online), it does mean you will need the ambition, drive and time to teach yourself.

SEO is a highly complex industry. There’s a lot to learn and it’s always changing. However, if you immerse yourself in the industry, join some Facebook groups and follow industry leaders, this is a plausible business to start.

Tap Into A Sensitivity

If you happen to be one of the few people on this earth who has a “sixth sense”, you could make that into a prosperous career. And the truth is, if you have the ability, you don’t need much else.

Psychics are kind of like therapists in a sense and there are a lot of people who seek out their services. If you are intuitive enough to see through people’s facades, you might be able to use your ability to guide people in a way they were meant to travel.

If you are a Manhattan psychic or spiritual advisor, your opportunity is high to make it big.  The city is booming with mediums offering their services and who knows, the next one might be you!


There are many ways to start a business,even if you don’t have the capital to do so. And fortunately, there are so many different things you can do it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a plan.

We may have made it sound easy, but let’s be clear on one thing. Whether you start a business with a lot of money or not, it will always be a commitment. So be prepared for that.

However, entrepreneurship is the way of the world now. Starting a business is a fruitful way to make a living. Dig up the passion from within and start formulating a plan. With a little bit of strategy, you’re sure to find the right niche.


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