Best Management Practices to Skyrocket Your SAAS Products


Developing SAAS integrated software products are one of the best things you can do to help streamline any small business for smaller overhead and less labor involved by letting the SAAS vendor take care of any troubleshooting problems.

The beauty of selling a SAAS product is the buyer being able to outsource most, if not all any problems to the SAAS vendor because of the independence from the hosting. This beautiful selling point takes a lot of the responsibility off of the buyer as well as easy access to any device with no worries as long as there is an internet connection.

We all know the benefits of a software of a service app but how can we maximize our productivity and profits?

1) Reducing Errors When Developing Your SAAS Product

Developing a SAAS product can be a lengthy process if you do not have the right integrated tools. Application logging errors are just part of the game when developing a product.

If you decide to just log them to a text file when they happen and wait to act on them later; it is going to waste critical time and money down the road. Using stackify for error monitoring makes total sense in order to have some type of logging framework to understand in real time what exactly is going on to move forward.

2) Retrace for Error Monitoring

Retrace is a product for stackify that pretty much defines the name. It actually will go back and attempt to collect any details on the specific error or web request. It has the ability to identify and track unique errors, ignore specific ones and also track higher occurring findings.

3) Why Does a Developer Need a Monitoring Service

Time is the most important commodity when attempting to develop a product and carry it out to the end phase or buyer. The ability to get an immediate notification on any errors and then a detailed analysis to aid you in further development is worth its weight in gold.

It can improve productivity by allowing the team one central location to access the error rates as well as any spikes in errors and what to do before it gets out of control.

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4) Managing Time for Profits

Time again is the make or break point of project deadlines and essentially a business. For every second a project is not finished that is money flying out the door and time that is not spent on a future product. Using a time monitoring software allows to not only manage project deadlines but also saves money with automating payrolls for your team.

With also managing projects and allowing for detailed reports to assess target objectives, there is also the need for monitoring employees. Using Clockspot for online time keeping allows to monitor employees time spent working and also the ability to apply GPS tracking to devices used.

Payment Systems for Your SAAS Product

SAAS products are a convoluted enigma of many tools and frameworks. The more management systems that can be introduced to streamline the user experience makes the product even more valuable.

There are many different online payment systems but using Dharma Merchant Services for credit card processing allows a flexible user experience with business to business processing.

Dharma allows for complete transparency and the account includes such tools as iPhone processing, online payment links, online reporting, a customer database with the ability to store credit cards, a virtual terminal, and best of all no long term agreements.


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