5 Marketing Strategies you need for your Oil And Gas Recruitment Agency


How do you effectively market your oil and gas recruitment jobs when you have limited capital? How do you find an oil and gas recruitment agency in the problematic oil and gas industry? If you have not demonstrated your credibility and competence?

The oil and gas industry relies on the commercialization of hydrocarbons. From the beginning, the use of this raw material has changed the way of life of societies. Oil has changed its meaning over time, from the past as a source of light and heat for cities to become an economic indicator of the economies of countries around the world. For this reason, it is also known as black gold.

Over time, the difficulty of finding hydrocarbons and their subsequent activities to extract them has changed and has become increasingly difficult. For this reason, factors such as technology, qualified personnel, procedures, and structures have evolved to adapt to new challenges. In return, costs have skyrocketed.

Here are some of the things you need to consider in marketing your Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency:

1) MarketSpace

Consider roadside or street kerosene (DPK) retailers; I mean the ones with mini storage tanks. These retailers are often a source of supply for most of the poor and middle-class population; therefore, they are constantly looking for new supplies. You can talk to them face to face and see if you can agree. Don’t just ignore the days of small beginnings, so check your neighborhood.

2) Be Active

Go to gas stations or your target customers and talk to them face-to-face, but be sure to speak to the owner, manager, or decision-maker, so you don’t waste your time and effort. It is the most challenging but most effective way to look for clients for their petroleum products.

3) Build and Concentrate on your Target Customer

If you are lucky enough to land the deal, do your best to impress that client by keeping your promises. Then politely ask your client to recommend you to their friends and colleagues in the industry. But sometimes in life, you just need one client to grow quickly. So focus on chasing after a single customer whenever you have a good chance of landing a deal on Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency Bangkok.

4) Write the Best Proposal

It could work for hotels and telcos as these companies often require formal applications and protocols, but it may not work for gas stations as most of the gas stations in Thailand are informally managed by low-skilled workers. You can write suggestions to these companies outlining why they should consider you as their supplier of petroleum products. However, keep in mind that this tactic is more likely to fail, as you will hardly ever get a response.

5) Media Advertisement

When you have some money to spare, you can promote your services in newspapers, magazines, or other outlets that will connect you with your target customers. With this method, you will reach the right target group. Plus, save your budget as you only pay interesting people who click on your ad. With this type of ad, you can direct visitors to your landing page, quickly leading them into the funnel.

As is typical with increased sales, successful companies use sales and marketing initiatives to market and sell their products and services of an Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency Bangkok. In most industries, it is common to do marketing to create greater awareness of the company and its offerings and hire sales professionals to inform and connect with potential customers personally.

With our knowledge about the oil industry, I can tell you that it is a complex and capital-intensive industry. But can still find success in even the most challenging endeavors. Since he struggled to learn the ins and outs of the business, I think he is one step ahead. But you still have a long way to go. You have acquired the knowledge and basic training to be an independent oil and gas marketer; Now is the time for you to get a personal, real-life experience.

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