Marketing Tips to Help Your Theatre Event Stand Out 


Theatre events are always a great source of entertainment for their audience. Sometimes regular viewers wait for certain theatre events to happen, like a long-awaited movie to release. But all this happiness almost faded in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The pandemic took nearly two years to fade, but now, in 2022, everything is returning to its normal. Event ticketing platforms are now busy again selling tickets. Also, it is great news for theatre audiences because they can enjoy theatre events again.

With this good news comes a little tense moment for the event organisers as the competition is also returning. It is a real pressure to make your event stand out from all the other events. To get a full-house opening for your event, the first step will be to choose a proper online event ticketing platform for your event. Because when the ticketing process seems hassle-free audience will automatically get attracted to your event.

Apart from that, it would be best if you start right with your marketing. Marketing is a crucial point for theatre companies, and without a solid marketing strategy, a theatre company is more likely to struggle. So, following a strategic marketing approach can solve a lot. Here we will discuss some great marketing tips that can help your event get the right attention.

Email Your Event

Email, you might think, is the oldest and most traditional marketing method, but it will be surprising to know that it is still one of the most effective ones. It is a low-cost method of advertising but very effective because people are more likely to read an email than a phone call.

Creating attractive and informative emails as a medium of invitation is a great way of reaching out to the audience. You can use email service in the event ticketing platform as well. Ensure your online event ticketing platform includes email service and customisation. It will not only include an online perspective of your event but will also save you time.

Print your Event

Another all-time favourite method is a print advertisement. No matter how online-based everything gets, print advertisement always reaches the audience first. A good-looking print advertisement can attract people of all ages to your event. Putting a little effort into print advertisements and making them cool to watch is a wise decision. So, making this a part of your marketing strategy is a must. You can also use the digital copy of your advertisement in your chosen online ticketing platform to connect to the ticket buyers more.

Filter your Viewers

Not all audiences are your expected type of people. Every genre of event attracts its specific genre of audience. And “quality over quantity” method always helps here if you think of the long run. So, we suggest, despite reaching a maximum number of people, you can think of reaching the right audiences. It can be done through advertising in certain institutions or areas.

It can also be done by connecting to your previous audience who liked your event earlier. You can simply reach your old audiences through online platforms, invite them and build a relationship to make them your loyal audience.

SEO is the Key

In this world of technology, using your website correctly is a necessity. To maximise the reach of your website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a blessing. SEO is the process of getting traffic from search engines. Search engines are the most important tool in marketing today.

It is essential to get your site on the top page of Google and other search engines. As most audiences presently use google to find nearby events, and all you have to do is grab this opportunity. Moreover, SEO is a cost-effective approach to marketing your event and the best way to sell tickets online. Include words on your website that are searched by people more. Using targeted keywords is the key to success here.

Also, it is important that the event name and the domain match. Also, working a little bit on your website, for example, including your event date and time on your website, a little interesting detail or highlighting the fun facts, might also help in doing wonders.

Friends with Journalists

Journalists can be a great addition to your marketing tool. They will tell others about your event or its speciality. It is easier for you to get into a good relationship with them as you both will be beneficial to that. They might be interested in covering highlights of your event to accomplish their task.

You can portray the bests of your event to inform more audience. In addition, the members of the cast can give an interview to the journalist or portray some fun, attractive features of the show. The audience will get more excited to visit your event through this live interaction.

Use social media & Influencers

Who does not use social media nowadays? Use that as your marketing platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., are great mediums for spreading the details of your event. You can create an event and publish it to your page so that all the followers of your page get notified about that. It is also a source of reaching your old audiences. Also, using catchy hashtags or interactive posts can make your event go in the long run.

Presently influencers have become the centre of attention in the social media world. Make sure to include them in your event. Simply inviting them can make your event reach their followers as well. Also, you can think of paid partnership if you think followers of certain influencers might be your type of audience.

To end this tips session here, it can be said that as an event organiser, it is you who will understand best what tips and tricks work for you. There are plenty of ideas for marketing available in the field.

But the first step towards being a great event organiser is to have a clear vision of your target audience and to know what you want to achieve with your event. Well, exploring all the available marketing tips is a good idea, but you will notice some tips might work, and some might not be that effective. We suggest working on the effective ones and making them your strength to help your every event stand out.

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