Take Your Marketing to the Next Level: 5 Innovative Marketing Strategies for 2021

innovative marketing strategies

Are you struggling to put your business on the map this year? With more people staying home, using digital marketing to reach customers is essential. Otherwise, they might not realize your business is an option.

Many companies are struggling to bring in new leads. In fact, 65% of businesses say attracting fresh leads is their biggest challenge. Thankfully, HubSpot found that nearly 60%of B2B marketers stated enterprise SEO generates more leads that other marketing tactics,there is a way to scale your leads.

With these innovative marketing strategies, you can thrive online instead.

Ready to get ahead of the curve? Get started with these unique marketing ideas for 2021 today!

1) Voice Search

More consumers are relying on their smartphones and smart assistants to find the information they need. With the emergence of voice search, companies are needing to change their search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

Think about how you phrase search queries when using a smart assistant like Siri or Google.

These search queries need to sound more conversational. Using keyword research, you can develop fresh marketing strategies for your SEO. Then, you can use those keywords in your content and start appearing for more voice searches.

In order to prioritize voice search (also known as semantic search):

  • Create content that answers the customer’s questions
  • Structure data for semantic schemas to help Google’s bots understand your content
  • Link internally to create a structured map of your content
  • Use topic clusters to stay organized

These tips can help you appear for more searches.

2) Interactive Content

As you use these innovative marketing strategies for 2021, keep your customers in mind. Are they interacting with your content?

Clicks and a longer dwell time can improve your SEO ranking. To boost clicks, start creating interactive content.

For example, you can create polls, quizzes, or helpful tools.

Are you using influencer marketing to reach more customers this year? Discover exactly what is influencer marketing to give your marketing a boost.

3) Zero-Click Results

Consumers don’t have to click on your website to read your content anymore. Instead, they can see the answers they’re looking for from a Google search page. These featured snippets have caused more SEO marketing strategies to focus on zero-click results.

You can appear for zero-click search results by creating schemas on your website. Try creating video-content as well.

4) Local SEO

About 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly from a search results page. If your Google My Business listing isn’t up-to-date, you could miss out on opportunities.

First, update your business hours and availability. Post information about how COVID-19 has affected your business, too. For example, do you have limited hours?

Ask customers for reviews to give your local SEO a boost.

5) PPC Automation

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms like Google Ads are becoming smarter. You can save time by using automation to your advantage.

For example, you can use error checking, PPC reporting, and automated bids to improve your campaigns. Try using dynamically generated ad copy as well.

Boost Business in 2021: 5 Innovative Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Don’t fall behind competitors in 2021! Instead, give these innovative marketing strategies a try. With these tips, you can get ahead in the new year without stress.

Want to set yourself up for success in 2021? We can help.

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