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While it requires providing valuable products and services to run a business, proper marketing technique often seals the deal. With the invention of the internet, marketing your products to potential customers has never been so easy. Through all this, one marketing method refuses to go out of style and that’s the use of branded items like coffee mugs, pins, t-shirts, and of course, calendars.

If you look back at your childhood, chances are that the calendar in your home wasn’t bought, instead, it was a souvenir. They often come with several other branded items. Come back to the present, you’d most likely have a calendar at your home you still didn’t buy.

As a consumer, it is easy to underestimate how much influence a simple calendar could have on your spending habits. But as a marketer, you see an opportunity to make consumers see your brand every single day.

In this article, we will guide you in creating a calendar for your business that should help keep you in front of customers as much as possible. Ensure you read this thoroughly so you don’t miss any important information.

Tips For Marketing Your Company with Calendars

Decide On A Theme

Unless your company has just started, you might have a pre-existing theme you could use. If you don’t have one, you’d just have to create it. Your calendar theme should consist of the dominant colors used in your business. These colors are constant in the website, mobile apps, uniform, etc. For instance, the dominant color of Starbucks is green.

Your theme will also determine the type of imagery used in the product. If you look at any calendar you got as a souvenir, you’d notice that each month has a different image. Sometimes the color scheme of the month is changed to suit the image. But one thing is constant throughout; the images used are in line with the company’s product and service.

A business like McDonald’s might have a different type of meal for each month. Do you see what we mean now?

Choose a Mode Of Distribution

Now that your calendar is ready, it is time to decide how you plan to distribute it. Every business is different, and it is important that you choose a method that works well for you. Sending a calendar by mail is commonly used, however, it has one challenge. If a customer feels like they did nothing to deserve your product, they’d most likely dispose of it.

A method that works well is rewarding purchases (if you sell consumables and other products) with a free calendar. This way the customer feels like they paid for it, this changes the way they treat it. To an extent, it becomes a lot more valuable.

Have you had a parent or guardian bring home groceries or some other product and it came with a calendar? If you can recall, it was treated with respect and hung where all could see. Perhaps as a child, if you had attempted to vandalize it, you might have run into some trouble. As we said earlier, customers attach more value to any product they get with their purchase.

Some companies sell their calendars, although you might find it difficult to do this if you don’t already have a passionate customer base. Other high-end businesses make their calendar exclusive to certain customers. If you fall into this group, marketing your product shouldn’t be so hard. Simply create awareness through your existing platforms and set up an online store to handle purchases.

How to Choose a Bulk Calendar Printer Online

We have covered marketing tips that can help you, but do you even know how to print bulk calendars? Your first thought might be to go to a bookstore; however, you will most likely find their service slow and lacking enthusiasm.

Your best bet is looking for an online printer. The reason is simple; if you search online you have access to instant variety and can make a better choice in deciding what you want. Visit  for design ideas. These are the different parts of a calendar.

  • Cover paper: This is the first layer of paper on your calendar and its primary purpose is for protection. This is why in most cases you’d find it made from thick paper.
  • Inside paper: The pages of your calendar are printed on the inside paper. This type of paper is mostly thin and glossy to give a posh effect.
  • Bindery: Calendars don’t come bound the same way a textbook would, especially those desk calendars. This is why they come with a saddle stitch or wire-binding. If a cleaner look is what you want, we recommend you go for the saddle stitch type. You should note that the pages won’t flip 360 like the wire-o types.
  • Hole drilling: Some calendars are small and compact enough to be placed on a desk, while others are better suited for walls. Depending on the size and type you order, you might want holes in your calendar. This allows them to be hung easily.

When settling on an online printer ensure the following:

Reasonable Rates

You’ll find that when it comes to printing bulk calendars, many businesses accept partial payments. Before you commit yourself, make sure you truly understand their pricing model. There are so many options online, endeavor to compare pricing data from multiple printers before making your choice.

While we advise you to look for reasonable rates, do not be afraid to spend more than you budgeted. In most cases, when you go cheap, you get what you pay for.

You’re Comfortable With Their TimeLine

After looking at a printer’s price model, also check their expected turnaround time. By this, we do not mean shipping time but how long it takes to finish the calendar. When you look at a printer’s expected delivery date, it is easy to work accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Calendars are very useful in marketing your products simply because consumers look at them throughout the year. After reading this article, we hope your marketing strategy gets better.

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