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Being judgmental is a destructive approach that keeps your mind in a gloomy state all the time. You constantly think about the things that are not your concern.  All human beings are free to live and nobody has given us the mandate to perceive things according to our mentality.

I was among those people who analyze less and judge quickly, but in the end, I realized that it is disturbing my mental health. I started to find negativity in every single thing happening around me, it really triggered my anxiety and kept me agitated. Due to my negative thoughts, I started avoiding people because of finding faults in everything and everyone. At the end, I was alone and miserable. Then, one day, I realized that I need to change myself rather than changing the people around me.

Off course, it’s not my job nor my headache to fix the errors of the other people. My job is to fix my flaws and errors. I am answerable to those only. I started working on it and adopted the approach of minding my own business. This line is short and simple yet almost revolutionized my life and my approach towards my environment.

Let me share my secrets of wonders! Once you implement these in your life, your mind would be the most peaceful one.

1) Don’t advice unless you are not asked:

Your advice has a value and an impact only when it’s given honestly and wisely. Your words and your advice win the value when you give it is unbiased, without judgments and criticism. Try to advise someone honestly and wholeheartedly. It might change the life of someone.

But to advise someone, make sure, it is not given unnecessarily. Never advise someone unless he doesn’t ask you regarding a certain matter. Minding my own business is an art, don’t try to interfere in others’ life by unnecessary comments, judgments, and advice. That unethical.

2) Respect others privacy:

Don’t try to poke in your nose in other’s matters. This is highly an indecent act and you lose your dignity and charm if you have an inquisitive nature. Respect the privacy of others just the way you want your privacy to be respected. Never try to inquire about the things that are not connected to you. Also, never try to find out what’s going on in others life just for the purpose of gossips. Your gossips can really hurt someone and if you do it to others, one day you will face that with yourself too. Be focused on yourself and abstain from the things that are not your concern. Try to be a decent human being with decent values. Remind yourself that minding my own business is bliss and I have to stick to this strategy.

3) Don’t assume, know the whole story:

There is always two sides of a coin. To follow the strategy of minding my own business, it’s best to stay quiet, analyze things silently, and know the truth rather than assuming the truth. We often assume things according to our observation and perception and destroy our peace of mind with our thoughts and assumptions. This is a negative approach. Judgmental people assume everything according to their mentality. It ends up in negativity, misunderstandings, and hatred. One should always look at the two sides of the story and avoid judging the book by its cover.

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4) Their acts don’t affect my peace of mind:

Since I have adopted this approach really well, my life is at peace. Firstly, I used to get a shake off other’s acts. I was bothered by why this and that is happening around me and society. Then I decided to minding my own business.

Your acts should affect your life and not others similarly, what others do is their headache and I have nothing to do with that. It’s an art to stay unaffected by the acts of others and also a blessing because most of people destroy their inner self due to the actions of others. The politics, the celebrities, the Richie rich uncle, your rivals, your neighbors, etc. are always under the discussion. Their progress and their growth somewhat affect us. Rather than getting motivated, most of us are jealous. For a positive attitude for life, one should get inspired of others good rather than getting resentful. It will bring positive changes in life.

5) Gossips leave a negative impact:

When you gossip about someone, it impacts your brain in a negative way. Gossipy and judgmental nature is a sign of a toxic personality

Remember! The fear of gossips has ruined the peace of many people. They can’t do certain things for themselves as per their desire just because of the fear of gossips. Don’t be such a kind of person. Be the person who brings something good and positive in others. Be the source of enlightenment to somebody. Be a constructive and persuasive person, stay away from spices and chinwags. It’s not an attribute of gentlemen.

6) Your life your rules, their life, their rules:

We all have certain sets of rules in our lives. We all want to spend our lives according to our wish and will. Try not to impose your rules in someone else life. The principles that are so important for you can be insignificant to others and vice versa. Mind your own business, keep your rules to yourself and be focused on your life only. Acknowledge those who have similar philosophies to your and respect those whose philosophies of life are different from yours. It’s all about respecting the differences and loving the similarities.

7) Focus on your growth:

Look into the lives of others just to acquire and develop, not to get envious or insecure of their success. People who mind their own business are more prosperous and concentrated because their life revolves around their personal development and goals. Those whose eyes are on others are a failure because they never focus on their own self hence they lose their purpose in life. Their peace of mind is always disturbed due to the progress of others. For inner growth and self-actualization, learn something good from others and adopt whatever the best you see in them. Be flexible, change with time, grow, and help others to grow. This is the beauty of life.

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