Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Started with Crypto Spot Trading


The market for cryptocurrencies has low entry barriers, making it easy for anybody with an internet connection, a mobile, a computer, and start-up money to become an investor or trader. Most of these beginners learn lessons and read articles like Phemex review about cryptocurrency exchanges, and they still go broke. The reason is they make mistakes that most of the beginner traders commit. Here are the typical errors that novice traders make.

1) Starting With Real Money

There is no reason for a beginner trader to use real money when there are countless tools and platforms like Bitcode Method where you can trade in a demo account. Anyone interested in being a skilled trader must first create a framework for their entry, exits, and risk control focused on an essential collection of guidelines. With real money, it will be hard for you to achieve this.

2) Trading Without Stop Loss

A novice trader trades on emotions, which means they refuse to accept losses easily. The willingness to accept a loss and go on to the next trade is an essential skill you must possess. Failure to do so is the most significant factor behind a trader’s loss. Set a loss stop, and when the trade goes against you, don’t move further, as this action is likely to blow up your wallet.

3) Add a Losing Trade

Investing and trading are different. Investors average down positions for a long-term horizon on fundamentally strong assets. For their activities, traders identify degrees of danger and invalidation. If the traders’ stop-loss arrives, the transaction is nullified, and they need to switch to another asset. To know how the stop-loss trading feature works on crypto exchanges, you can refer to the trusted Phemex review or a similar guide.

4) Not Keeping Balance

Successful traders build a balanced portfolio. As described in the investment strategy, rebalancing is the method of restoring your portfolio to its goal asset allocation. It isn’t easy to rebalance, and it will push you to sell the well-performing assets and purchase some of the underperforming ones.

5) Not Keeping a Logbook

Experienced traders have a strategy. Taking accountability for your actions is part of the plan. The best way to achieve this is by recording the data related to every action. It is the perfect way to learn about operating errors and stop repeating them. Please hold a log and refer to it again. Record your thought process, your emotional state, and the consequences of the activity. It’s going to help you tremendously.

Tips for Cryptocurrency Trading

You need to know that you must focus a lot on successful trading; it’s not a risk, nor should it ever be one. Other than the above tips, ensure that you pay careful attention to demand and supply market forces. Also, you may follow the tips below to ensure you don’t have to regret.

  • Have A Motive

Whether it’s for regular trading or scalping, you need a purpose to start trading cryptos. Trading digital currency is a zero-sum game; you have to remember a related loss for any win: Everyone wins; everyone loses. The giant ‘whales’ dominate the market for cryptocurrencies, just as the ones who put thousands of Bitcoins in books for a market order. And do you guess what most extraordinary things they do? They have patience; they are waiting for innocent traders like you to make a single mistake that lands your money in their hands.

  • Set Profit Targets

Choosing a stop loss is not an unintentional operation, and maybe the most crucial factor to remember here is that you shouldn’t strip your feelings away – it’s a perfect point to make your stop loss compensate for your coin. For example, if you have bought a $1,000 coin, set the minimum point that you are willing to trade your cryptocurrency. It means that if the worse happens, you will get away with what you have spent.

  • Don’t Fall For a Low Price Bait

Many beginners commit a typical mistake of buying a coin because the price seems low or affordable. For instance, anyone goes to Ripple rather than Ethereum merely because Ethereum is much cheaper. The choice to invest in a coin does not have anything to do with its affordability but with its market cap.

To Sum Up

Trading is hard. However, you will be efficient and productive if you focus the right way and take the necessary steps required to learn to trade and manage risk. You can also read some prominent crypto exchange guides, or follow their articles like Phemex reviewto explore various trading exchanges. You also need to make a schedule and adhere to the strategy for better results.


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