A Brief Overview of Money Transfer Methods: Journey from Europe to India


Whenever your task is to choose the best service to secure your funds and international transactions, you might feel at a loss. There are too many available options to rely on, and narrowing down on your particular needs doesn’t always help you select the best strategy to transfer money from Europe to India immediately. In this guide, you will take into account the most appropriate decision-making staples to ensure the overall functionality of your payment tactics. Onwards!

Affordability and Cost-Efficiency

Depending on what solutions you decide on, your experience can differ drastically. Not only does it relate to the overall cost of the transfer, but it also guidelines the associated transaction fees. Here are some popular companies to choose from and their best deals. Please note that exchange rates are usually highly fluctuating. Nevertheless, this will help you discover the most advantageous money exchange quotes from Europe to India overall. Just check the table below with companies listed in a random order.

Brand After Sending 100 EUR Fees
Profee 8,999
Wise 8,859 +
XE 8,882 +
Remitly 8,835 +
Monese 8,720 +
MoneyGram 8,697 +
WorldRemit 8,836 +
Western Union 8,417 +
OFX 8,864 +


It is complicated to find an all-inclusive service that caters to the latest security standards and adheres to international financial regulations. In the case of Profee, you can find magic outside of Hogwarts:

  • You are welcome to send cash to India from literally any remote location in the EU. The list of European countries that support Profee solutions is second to none, including Liechtenstein, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, France, and others.
  • The company’s support team is always there to make your financial performance smooth, satisfactory, and credible. Feel free to send your query and obtain a detailed answer in a matter of minutes. What’s more, their support team is international — no language or cultural barriers will prevent you from enjoying high-end guidance and assistance.
  • Card-to-card transactions arrive instantly and don’t charge transaction fees. The pricing policy is straightforward with no hidden surprises included, unlike what typical EU banks prefer doing in most cases.

Attention to Detail

The speed of service delivery matters. In the case of solutions like Profee with instant payments or alternative methods that take up to three to five business days, you still have to be cautious and double-check the details you provide to the target partner. If you miss a single digit, you will be lucky if your transaction turns out to be implicit and invalid. Otherwise, you risk losing money on the insufficient transfer to a random account.

Final Thoughts

The rule of thumb to succeed in sending money from your European account to the target one registered for an Indian user is simple — caution and attention will win it over for you. The more in-depth research you conduct, the better the expected results you will get. In the modern financial arena, where a lot of elements are extremely fluctuating, staying aware of what your favorite company and its competitor offer will come in handy. This way, you will ensure your strategy is appropriate and reaches your objectives in no time.

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