Most Beneficial Property Management Software


If there is a business that always seems to be growing then it is of course the real estate market. In 2016, trade revenues rose from $ 217 trillion to $ 228 trillion, according to research by Savills.

This sector of the economy is quite diverse. Even though large companies are working with real estate and other assets around the world, some people rent a second home to earn extra money. Whatever your situation, portfolio management is tricky. To excel as a business supervisor means having the capacity to work including monitoring your investments very carefully.

Properties must be controlled and maintained to a certain standard and this is especially important for those who act as landlords. In this case, there are the basics of financial and selling business in real estate. If you are spending on real estate for the sole purpose of selling it, you need to make sure which factors are best for attracting the buyer’s concern. And if you need to rent a house, you will require a way to maintain your monthly fees. However, the feature command rule does not have to get bogged down in bureaucratic documentation and many applications simplify the control of a real estate portfolio.



  • Easy to use;
  • Extensive marketing metrics;
  • The presence of the owner’s portal.

Cons: Not found.

It is a real-time quality administration solution. It provides a range of cloud-based means for a condo, household, industrial, and additional administrators. The software helps real estate professionals maintain assets and business data, and attract new clients. The program methods in the sector by enabling users to access business metrics, track service, and interact with residents, owners, and suppliers. There is additionally a dedicated owner entrance that offers access to news and statements.

Additional peculiarities incorporate the capacity to accept online rental purposes, as great as view potential tenants, distribute job advertisements online, collect rental money online, and conduct mobile checks. What’s more, tenants may submit help requests through the software, meaning business supervisors may quickly resolve all kinds of errors. Depending on the type of property you want to rent or sell, there are several monthly plans possible. Resident and senior policies are priced at $ 1.25 per piece, while the popular option costs $ 1.50. In addition, community associations wishing to apply the software simply pay $ 0.80 per item.


Enterprise-grade property maintenance software.


  • Suitable for a variety of characteristics;
  • Easy to use;
  • Available action.

Cons: High cost.

Positioned as a network of real estate management services, Buildium is another popular program for real estate specialists. It gives many tools for property management, accounting, purchasing activities, plus tools. Buildium gives you a fast and easy way to manage and expand your real estate portfolio. Not just can you use service request and financial management software, although you may further sell real estate including finding tenants online.

The software covers society organizations, senior homes, affordable housing, and additional real estate. Currently, pricing plans start at $ 150, there is a free trial available.


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