8 Must-Have Apps for Every Small Business Owner


Small businesses are the backbone of the economy in many places, but they also require the most work to keep running at peak efficiency. In some cases, a business owner has to wear every hat in the entire organization!

If you have a small business and have been trying to figure out how to streamline some of your processes and make sure that you can keep up with your competition, you need to invest In mobile app optimization that can help you to meet these goals.

Read on to find out more about the must-have apps for every small business!

Must-Have Apps for Every Small Business Owner

1) Gusto

This is a payroll app that takes care of your company payroll, tax, and benefits needs easily. This is a great tool to use for onboarding new employees as well. If you are tired of struggling through payroll stresses at the end of each month, Gusto can help you out!

Gusto can handle new-hires, reporting, local and federal tax filings, deductions for benefits, and worker’s compensation and will even send out digital pay stubs to your employees! No more being your own payroll department. Gusto offers you this functionality with a few easy clicks each month.

2) Wave

On the topic of having to be your own payroll department, Wave can help with independent contractors or small businesses that have 9 or fewer employees. This great app allows you to manage invoices and receipts, pay employees, and it can even scan receipts for storage.

This app generates great reports of your receipts and travel expenses, and it can help you keep your team on track with this kind of expense reporting. This is one of the most burdensome tasks heaped on any small business owner, and handing it off to Wave will make your life so much better!

3) QuickBooks

There really can’t be any discussion about small business apps without including QuickBooks. This is a company that has stood the test of time, and they provide so much added value to their app that you really can’t afford not to use them to track sales, expenses, financial statements, pay for your employees, and vendor information.

When it comes time to file taxes, Quickbooks can give you the full picture for each expense and each invoice, partially because it can be linked to PayPal, Square, and all your bank accounts and credit cards. This is the most thorough assistant for expenses and payroll of any app on the market.

4) Addappt

This cool app manages your contacts, which can be a huge help if you send out mailers or have extensive vendor contact lists. The days of the Rolodex are gone, but your cellphone is not always the best place to store all of the information that you need to be able to stay in touch with your business partners.

Addappt lets you organize contacts into groups to do easy email or group messaging outreach, and it extends all saved information to your phone as well. This back-and-forth communication can streamline all of your communications and business outreach, and you can get rid of all those business cards in your wallet.

5) Skype

While many people are familiar with old-school Skype, not as many people realize the advantages of the app that the company offers. This is a great fit for people who are on the go all the time as business owners since you can track your conversations and keep in touch with contacts right on your phone.

You have the chance to video call, do meetings, and even send files and photos through Skype, which makes an international small business much easier to run. There is also a plug-in to use Skype with Alexa if that suits your needs.

6) Slack

This is a really cool team communication app that can help you to stay in touch with your employees no matter where you are. Slack organizes conversations really well and keeps track of images and files that are submitted to conversations.

You can index chats in ways that work best for you, and you can archive messages and files within Slack itself. This is a very flexible platform that encourages group use that is customizable to your business needs.

7) Tripit

If you are sick of carrying around many different items that detail unique parts of your travel plan, this app is for you. Using this app, you can create a master itinerary that details all of your travel plans. This app can be used on any device as well, which means that you don’t need your phone on hand to be able to check on your flight time or your first day of a hotel stay.

Departure times and delays are supplied by the app, as well as weather reports. You can also forward all your travel emails to the app, and it will handle real-time updates for you. This app is like a personal assistant without having to hire someone to fill that role.

8) Square

If you have to accept payments on the go, there is no better app than Square. The small, portable card reader can be attached to your phone or tablet, and you can use it to take payments on the fly. This is great for food vendors, traveling salespeople, or owners of businesses that go to trade shows and other locations.

Square uses a point-of-sale system that functions like a brick-and-mortar store, which makes it a great fit for people who want to track sales accurately and thoroughly.

Apps Can Make Small Businesses Run Efficiently and Effectively

There are so many apps on the market these days that you can probably find one to meet your needs no matter what they might be! If you are tired of struggling through daily tasks, these apps can help to free up your time to do more of what you really need to do—run your business!

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