Node.Js Unikernels Vs. Go Unikernels – Which is Best for My Business?


Unikernels are the wave of the future. Instead of taking up all of your business’ data space with obsolete data programs, you need to use a single space machine image that only runs one application at a time – unikernels. By using unikernels, you can avoid any wasted space, necessary aspects of your applications, slow start-up times, and user error. By simplifying the entire process of running applications by compiling a single-space machine image with an operating system, you can quickly start up applications while remaining secure and protected the entire time.

But what type of unikernels should you use? There are various types on the market today, with this technology slowly taking over the cloud infrastructure realm of the business world. Let’s discuss two common types of unikernels and which one you should use for your company- Node.js unikernels and Go unikernels.

Node.js unikernels vs. Go Unikernels – which one should I use?

First off, we need to know the definition and the kind of each unikernels before we can compare. How does each set of unikernels run and what are the benefits of each?

Running node.js unikernels

Node.Js unikernels have been designed so you can use a javascript program unikernel with this software. You can do this by downloading an operating system or building one to help you build the platform for your unikernels. After you have chosen your operating system, you can create the directory, load the Node.js unikernel, and then run the javascript! Fortunately for users, running node.j s unikernels is easy and fast to do with your javascript. If you want a great beginner option that is easy to use and fast to set up, using and running node.js unikernels can be a good option for you and your business.

Running Go unikernels

The second type of unikernel that you may consider using is the Go unikernels. The great aspect about these unikernels is that you can easily set them up and run with your operating system – but make sure you download the Go application before running your code. Also, we recommend practicing writing the Go code before installing and downloading your operating system so you have some practice beforehand.

After you download the operating system and the unikernel builder, you need to formulate the directory, add the main.go file, and then modify the Linux format of the code. Along with being able to configure the code for Go unikernels, you can use this specific type of unikernel to run a webserver!


Although this can seem confusing, this is basically just two different types of unikernels that businesses can use for their efficiency. If you’re deciding between using either Node.js unikernels and Go unikernels, it all depends on personal preference and how you like to code your websites and write your web servers. Try using both to see which one is easier to use, which one has the best results, and which one is quickest to use. After all, unikernels should be simple, easy to use, and fast!


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