What OFWs Must Remember When Moving to the UAE


OFWs are often lauded for their strength and resilience in leaving their families behind to work in other countries. The fact is, though, that many of them do so to provide for their loved ones. In the UAE alone, there are more than 1.2 million OFWs, making it one of the top destinations for Filipino workers.

The number of OFWs who move abroad to work is staggering. Around 10 million people were working or living overseas. This number has only continued to grow in recent years as more people take it upon themselves to leave their homes due to economic instability or financial struggles.

Most OFWs get employed in the Middle East, where they often face difficult and dangerous conditions. Despite the challenges, OFWs continue to move abroad to provide for their families. The money they send back home is crucial for many families, who rely on it to pay for food, education, and healthcare.

OFWs’ hard work and sacrifice are commendable and deserve appreciation and support. However, there are certain things they must remember when moving to the UAE to work.

Proper Documentation is Necessary

OFWs have the opportunity to provide their families with a better life when they get hired to work in another country. However, they must never forget to get the proper documentation before leaving. It includes a visa, work permit, and other necessary papers that will allow them to legally stay and work in the UAE.

Without these documents, OFWs risk getting deported back to their home countries. They also put themselves in danger of being exploited by their employers or human traffickers. Legal paperwork can prevent those risks from happening.

Get Informed About the Country’s Culture and Laws

When working in another country, OFWs need to learn about the culture and laws of their new home. They should take the time to research these things before leaving, so they know what to expect.

It is also essential for OFWs to be aware of the work-related laws in the UAE. They need to know their rights as workers and the rules and regulations they must follow while working in the country. Doing so can avoid getting into trouble with their employers or the authorities.

Scams can also be avoidable if OFWs educate themselves about the country’s culture and laws. For instance, there have been cases of scammers pretending to be from the UAE government and asking for money in exchange for a work permit or residency visa.

Keep in Touch With Loved Ones Back Home

It can be challenging for OFWs to be away from their families for long periods. The homesickness is accurate and can affect their mental and emotional well-being. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for OFWs to keep in touch with their loved ones back home.

There are many ways to stay connected, such as video call apps, social media, and instant messaging platforms. OFWs should use these tools to keep in touch with their families as often as possible.

Moreover, they can also send physical letters and care packages to let their loved ones know they are thinking of them. It can be a great way to show how much they appreciate and love their families, despite being away from them. Fortunately, you can send your care packages via sea cargo from the UAE to the Philippines. The approach is not only affordable but also hassle-free.

Saying goodbye to their families is never easy for OFWs. However, keeping in touch with them can help ease the homesickness and make the separation more bearable.

Save Money and Invest for the Future

Working abroad can be financially rewarding for OFWs. They often receive higher salaries and bonuses than they would back home. However, they should not forget to save money for their future. It would help if they started investing in long-term plans, such as retirement funds or properties.

They can also use their hard-earned money to help their families back home in case of emergencies. For instance, they can send money to their loved ones to cover unexpected expenses or medical bills.

Moreover, OFWs should refrain from spending extravagantly while working in the UAE. They should remember that their goal is to save money and provide for the future needs of their respective families. Eventually, the investment can help secure their loved one’s future, even after they retire from working abroad.

Final Thoughts

OFWs play a significant role in the economy and contribute to their homeland’s economic growth. They should never forget to be mindful of their actions to avoid getting into trouble while working abroad. Moreover, they should take care of their finances and plan for their future retirement. Being away from their families can be challenging, but they can stay connected through technology and care packages. Ultimately, remembering these things can help make the separation more bearable and allow OFWs to focus on working hard to provide for their loved ones back home.


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