Why Online Transparency is Key to Business Success


Trust is at the foundation of any good business-customer relationship. In fact, trust is so elemental, that some businesses may take it for granted. If a customer is choosing to engage with your company, then they have to trust you first. However, trust is something that businesses have to work hard to achieve. Thankfully, one simple way that businesses can increase trust in their brand is by becoming more transparent online. The only downside is that relatively few businesses are willing to embrace transparency as a part of their marketing and engagement strategy. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what it really means to be transparent, and why it can be so beneficial for growing businesses.

Transparency Helps Businesses Stand Out

Because most companies aren’t willing to “tell it like it is,” organizations that adopt a frank, honest approach naturally tend to stand out. Customers are so used to hearing spin and “sales talk,” that encountering a business that simply deals in facts can be incredibly refreshing. And anything that helps set your organization apart from your competitors is a good thing.

Transparency Can Help You Find Qualified Leads

Some businesses are petrified of turning away any leads they generate online. Yet, the truth is that not all leads are good leads. Bad leads –– that have no interest in buying one of your products –– can actually cost your company valuable time and money. As such, it’s generally a good idea to include as much information about your featured products as possible. In particular, businesses that operate in niches should write extensively about their products and services. For example, the more detail a lab equipment manufacturer provides about a product like a macro 5mL pipette tip on their website, the easier it will be for a qualified lead (in this case a scientist) to find that page online. Also, by including pertinent information about products –– notably price –– businesses can dissuade bad leads from taking up valuable time with sales professionals.

Transparency Invites Conversation

Customers don’t tend to interact with businesses that they don’t trust. On the other hand, businesses that are very forthcoming about their methods, prices, etc. will likely generate a lot of interest on social media platforms. Not only is this a great way to find new leads, but it will also allow your company to boost its brand organically. At the end of the day, becoming more transparent can improve your company’s reputation, conversion rates, and digital visibility.


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