How to Optimize Your Internet Design to Bring More Customers


The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate. It does not mean your online business will also experience significant growth. According to experts, several factors determine your website’s success, like Internet design, SEO, etc.

Website design plays a vital role in building a first good impression of your business in the customer’s mind. If the first impression is good and the overall user experience is also good, the customer will revisit the website and spread the good word. Here are some tips to optimize your Internet design to bring more customers.

Understand User Intent

User intent refers to the information the user is after typing a search query. Most people think the keywords or the search phrase is the user intent, but you need to expand the definition of user intent. You need to think beyond SEO and find out why the user will want to visit your website.

When you focus on the right, you look beyond just getting customers to your website. You start focusing on the entire user experience and how you can convert visitors into customers.

The user intent can help you divide users into three categories – informational users, educational users, and transactional users. Informational users are those people who are looking for more information about your company and products and would want to contact you.

Educational users refer to people who are looking for more information on a specific topic. Transactional customers intend to buy products or want to subscribe to a newsletter or download something. You need to study how every type of user navigates your website and optimizes the navigation bar for the best user experience for customers.

Organize Your Navigation Bar

The navigation bar plays a crucial role in the overall user experience when considering an internet design. You need to identify the User Flow Report issues and make changes to the navigation bar accordingly. Here is a strategy you can follow

  • Identify the main and subcategories of products and adequately define them so your customers quickly understand them.
  • You can take a product-centric approach where users can get more information about products before navigating to the product page
  • Avoid including too many categories as it will only confuse the user on which path to take.

Optimize Page Load Speed

For businesses, a slow loading website means loss of customers and reduced conversions. Modern customers prefer to go to a new website rather than waiting for slow-loading pages to load completely. According to web design experts, Google’s recommended page loading speed is under 2 seconds.

Web designers employ different strategies to increase page load speeds. Some of them are

  • Image optimization
  • Caching
  • Minification
  • Clean coding practices

It is the job of web designers to use the design elements for maximum impact and fast loading.

Optimize Web Design for Mobile Devices

Today a large number of Internet users access the website from their mobile devices. The smartphone is the new computer for modern consumers. Desktop websites don’t load properly on small screen devices. You need to optimize the web design for mobile users so your website can get massive traffic from mobile devices.

A mobile-optimized web design means the page elements are adjusted as per screen size. The result is a good user experience.

Enhance the Power of the Landing Page

The landing page refers to the page which customers see first when they visit your website from any source. In general, a landing page is dedicated to one offer or product. It has a strong call-to-action to convert the visitor into a customer.

When designing landing pages on your website, you need to think about different user intents. You need to ensure there are no distractions and make it easy for the customer to complete the intended call-to-action.

Include Social Media Elements in Your Website Design

Social media elements play a crucial role in increasing customer confidence in your brand. You can have a social media feed on your website that will help visitors see the opinions and testimonials posted on the social media platform. It will also encourage visitors to follow your social media handles for more information about your brand.

Today, many businesses use social media platforms for advertising their products and services to attract customers. You can also use this strategy to attract more customers to your website.

To sum up, an optimized Internet design can make a huge difference in how the customer perceives your brand. Before finalizing any web design or making changes to existing, get a blueprint of the design, explaining how it will enhance user experience and help things run smoothly.


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